Oil surge has gas breach $5 a gallon in first US city – Its time to take a stand against Biden and his administration!!

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So now, this whole oil surge has gas breach $5 a gallon in first US city, with more to come. When is enough, enough? Is America just going to sit on their hands and allow Biden and his foolish administration keep getting richer and richer, while everyone else gets poorer and poorer?

If you haven’t read this article, and especially all of the comments, then go ahead and do that right here <<—.

This is serious folks!! We the people have to take action and stand up for our rights. If we keep allowing these lying, cheating communists get by with all of these illegal things they’re doing, then we will all be driven right into the poor house. And if you think for minute they care, then your wrong!! If you think the government cares, your wrong!!

Obama did the same thing, and now this coward Biden, that calls himself our president, is doing the very same thing. These people are liars, and I would think by now, most everyone has to be able to see what they’re intentions are. They want full control of everything and everyone.

Go ahead and go to Fox Business <<~~ right now and see for yourself how this is all playing out.

Let’s be honest here. Do you like the current gas and diesel prices? Do you like the propane prices? Do you like the grocery store prices, along with all of the other inflated prices? When will it stop? The truth is; it won’t stop as long as Biden and his administration is left in control.

Once the farmers get in the field, which is soon, and with all of the inflated prices, like nitrogen, which crops must have to grow, what happens when all of these crops are harvested and then hit the grocery store shelves? Yep, skyrocketing grocery’s!!

Can you afford to have $5 plus per gallon gas and diesel? Can you afford higher propane, higher electricity bills, higher groceries? My guess is, no you cannot afford things to continue to rise, and no one else can either!!

oil surge has gas breach $5 a gallon in first US city

Isn’t it about time to impeach these low down scoundrels? These people are fakes, liars and cheats, to say the least. With the oil surge has gas breach $5 a gallon in first US city, don’t you think it will eventually hit everywhere else soon? Wouldn’t it be fair to say that it could likely reach even higher prices? Yes, of course it will if something doesn’t change soon!!

Stay tuned for just some of the actions I’m taking for my family, that will allow us to not take big hits in the rise of electricity, propane and other inflated prices, like groceries. You can do the same thing too!

Talk soon,

-Mike Pilcher

Mike and Rhonda Pilcher