RV and Flatbed Transport with High Fuel Prices – Having Faith in the Tough Times…

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Many people are asking me; “how do you manage to still do RV and Flatbed Transport with High Fuel Prices?”

Here’s my answer…

I had to raise my prices just like everyone else is doing with this crazy high inflation, which we all know is caused by our illegitimate president Biden.

Many people refuse to pay the price increase, but hey, that’s ok. Most of the world as we know it, is packed full of people who think they are special and want something for nothing. However, when the show is on the other foot, those people are the first ones to bitch and complain about everything. Some just think they should still get the rates from before Biden started destroying everything.

Fuel prices have over doubled everywhere since Biden cheated his way into office, and why? My opinion is; he’s an idiot!! So when will all of this nonsense end? I’m afraid it won’t be anytime soon. Biden is on a path of destruction, and to hear him tell it, this is the best our country has ever been since any president. Of course he is referring to everything; like more jobs, less unemployment, more people working than history has ever recorded, and the economy is at its best. Not sure what kind of drugs he takes, but they must be really good ones. However, if we take a good honest look at his past, he has always been a lier, a cheat and a huge scam artist. He has many ties to the Chinese, which has been proven over and over, but most fail to see it. But yet, somehow he still is able to hold the job/position called President of the United States? How is this even possible?

So how will this inflation of grocery’s and everything else, like rising fuel cost, effect everyone? Most will find themselves cutting back on things they like and enjoy. More people will be sharing rides to work, or taking a bus, or riding bikes, and maybe even being forced to walk.

Of course a big push of Biden’s is all electric. Electric cars, electric this and that, which is fine, but not everyone has the money to run out and buy an electric car because the fuel is so high they can’t afford to buy it. Besides that, how will all of this bs help with grocery prices, and all of the other inflated prices. Hummmm??? It won’t!!!

We all know our government and Biden are about higher taxes to help line their own pockets. So what will come when, let’s say everyone goes electric? We all should know by now there will be some kind of bs tax or additional cost added to the electric cars. It’s all about money…right? Cheat everyone else for their own good. The idiots in the White House can go on spending rampages and send trillions to other countries to support them, but yet not take care of they’re own American people first. What part of that bs makes sense? Keep opening up the gates and allow all of the illegals keep coming in, and that’s suppose to be right? Then to top it all off, they want to mandate vaccines that haven’t been tested all that long and infect everyone with that poison crap. We are suppose to have rights and be able to make our own choices…right? Only in America baby, only in America.

Instead of doing this build back better bs, that obviously isn’t working. Why not build it back like you found it!!!

RV and Flatbed Transport with High Fuel Prices is tough right now. There are so many people so desperate to get a buck or two, they literally bid hauling jobs down to cents per mile instead of dollars per mile. Of course, they won’t be around long doing that crazy stuff, but for the ones that hire them it’s good. They got something for nothing like they wanted and cheated someone that was just trying to make a living. That’s the world we live in though, most people don’t care about anyone except themselves. Who cares who’s feet we step on, as long as we get what we want. Unfortunately, this is how most of society thinks nowadays. Yep, it sure is!! They live in that me world…all about me, me, me. Who cares about others, I’m first.

Here’s my thoughts. God is actually first place in my life, and should be in everyone else’s too. But for the nonbelievers, it isn’t like that, and not even close.

Just think what the world would be like if everyone was givers, instead of takers. Finding someone in need to help, which in turn would help them, but there again, for the nonbelievers, that don’t work. How about lifting someone up instead of tearing them down? How about finding a good charity or church to give to, one that is doing great things, like feeding the hungry? There again, nonbelievers won’t do these things, and think way different.

Have Faith and Watch Your Words

Bottom line is this, if you are a believer, then join me in praying for our hurting country, and praying for our government, and Biden and all those in charge right now. God knows they need our prayers, because it’s obvious, they sure can do good on they’re own.

RV and Flatbed Transport with High Fuel Prices

Brace yourself and prepare for the worst yet to come. But believe for the best! Believe that new doors are getting ready to open for you and your family. Believe that despite these hard times, good times are coming soon. Watch the words you speak over your life, because our words have great power. Having Faith in the Tough Times is way more important than you may believe, but trust me, keep your Faith alive and Strong!!

Always do your best!

-Mike Pilcher

Mike Pilcher