BEWARE of uShip!! Find Quality Transporters to work with Direct…

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I have used uShip a great deal and just want make some thing known and to BEWARE of uShip.

This service was decent when I first started using it, but now during and after Covid they seem to be catering more to the lowball offers and lying to people.

Let me explain!

UShip shows people who want to have something shipped an average price sheet of what shipping should cost them. However, they don’t update and the current averages are over 2 years old, from when fuel was $2.00 and under per gallon. Today’s diesel fuel prices vary from coast to coast, but it is averaging $5.65 per gallon, which is well over double of what uShip tells people.

Here’s the problem with this…

These people being told these lies are expecting uShip to know what they are talking about and in turn are expecting to get super low bids. UShip also tells these folks to hold out and keep reposting their ads over and over until someone eventually will except their low ball offer, or will post a real low ball bid out of desperation and needing the job/work. Yes, they actually encourage people to do these things, and also to post their own offers according to the phony outdated sheet they have them of fuel prices over 2 years ago.

Sounds kinda scammy doesn’t it?

The other things that is way out of hand is this: Allowing people to low ball bids to where there is no money, and then allow these same people who have no profile, no pictures, no proof of insurance, no reviews and so much more to actually stay active.

Everyone deserves work and a chance at a better life, but rules are rules, and if you make me have a profile, pictures and show proof of my business, licensing and insurance, then it should be mandatory for ALL!!

UShip will give you warnings for trying to place contact info or other content they don’t like and remove your content. Then they will send you warning emails and threaten to remove you from the uShip platform. Kind of like baseball, 1, 2, and 3 strikes your out…Or at least they do this to some people!! Their dumb ass, misleading rules (they make up as they go) don’t apply to everyone though.

Here’s my warning:

Don’t use uShip!! Find someone else to work with direct and STOP this nonsense. It seems like after the tv show about uShip, everyone wants to use it. And yes, if you want stuff shipped dirt cheap, then it is just that. But uShip has no integrity whatsoever!! They have ridiculously high fees and always fluctuating, never the same. I may get charged 20% and maybe 24 to 28% for using this scammy, frustrating website. What they heck is up with that crap?

Many of the so called pros bash other shippers and tell how good they/themselves are, how many licenses they have and how to stay away from ones that don’t have all the stuff they have. However, uShip allows these clowns to post that crap and get by with it.

How long does it take to get a load accepted from uShip?

Well it use to be fairly quick, at least before all these mentioned scammy shenanigans started. Nowadays, uShip encourages its people wanting stuff shipped to let their ads run the full 5-7 days and then if they don’t like the bids they are getting and want lower ones, then keep reposting the ad until they get the price they want to pay.

Sound like bs to you?

It may take you weeks to get a measly load that barely covers your cost…Seriously!! This is insanity, if you ask me.

Solutions to using uShip and being frustrated…

Fire up the Google machine, or your favorite search engine and find someone to work with direct. For example; if you search me or my business, you will find me everywhere, as well as Facebook and other social media. This should tell the person that has any common sense, that I’m a real person and not someone who just started doing business yesterday or last week.

When you find someone you like, then get on the phone with them and set up your loads.

BEWARE of uShip!!

This is a business that will overcharge you in fees, leave you beyond frustrated and waste your time, over and over.

Stop the insanity and STOP using uShip!!

Because they’ve opened the doors to anyone and everyone to come in as a shipper/transporter, it’s totally ruined what was once a decent platform to use. They opened it wide open kinda like Biden has done to our borders…lol. Hummmm…? sounds similar doesn’t it?

Make it a great day!

-Mike Pilcher

Mike Pilcher