Extremely High Fuel Prices – Why Is Shipping So High?

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If you listen to Biden, he blames it on others, but we all know it’s because of the extremely high fuel prices.

So why is shipping so high?

Biden did it! One of his first days in office he shut down pipelines where we was getting the most of our oil from. But he blames this all on Putin and many others. Recently, he’s mentioned overseas ships and wanting to make them reduce shipping cost.

What does it take to run these ships? Yep, you guessed it, diesel fuel. What runs the big trucks up and down the roads? Yep, diesel fuel. What does most all of our shipping trucks and ships run on? Diesel fuel!!

When did all of this start?

All of the fuel prices started rising immediately after Biden cheated his way into office. As a result, all other things started rising as well. Groceries started going up, all other shipping cost, and pretty much everything has went up due to one man and his administration.


Most believe it’s all about power and control. The Biden administration wants the high inflated numbers that makes them look good. On paper with all the inflated prices it would appear that the economy is booming. We all know it isn’t, and is actually at the worst it’s been in a very very long time. But the inflated numbers from the inflated prices makes it look good for Biden and company.

With all the extremely high fuel prices, it’s making it harder for people each and every month. Many folks were already living paycheck to paycheck, and then add in the high cost of groceries, fuel and other inflated items, now people are in a hurt. Each month with the way things are, people are actually going backwards.

Guess what doesn’t go up with inflation?

Your wages! Most people will not see a raise, or any kind of bonus from their work because of all these raised cost. So, as a result, people go further and further behind each month.

You’ve heard of Google, right?

Below you will see screen shots of ways to find good carriers/transporters for doing your shipments.

extremely high fuel pricesextremely high fuel pricesextremely high fuel prices

If you can find transporters and businesses online, or by doing Google searches. This means they’ve been doing it awhile, and doing it right. You don’t get on Google by being an idiot or illegitimate transporter. Real business owners nowadays have websites, social media accounts and are ranked in Google. Check Facebook as well for someone. Not everyone, but the legit ones are on Facebook.

Profit and Loss

Other businesses like uShip will still profit because of their inflated fees to the shipper and the carrier. But for the carrier, it hurts bad, because the shipper doesn’t want to pay more even though diesel fuel and gasoline is triple from 2 years ago. So as a result, they take the low ball bidders that don’t have any experience, reviews or the right equipment, just to get the cheap rates they want. Then they will be the very first ones to complain when they don’t get their loads picked up, or it gets lost or damaged.

What does this do to the carrier?

It absolutely hurts the real carriers because of sometimes having to take way less to just get a load. And now with the ridiculously inflated $6 plus per gallon diesel fuel and other inflated road cost, the profits for miles and miles of driving are out the windows.

Seems like insanity right?

It kind of is, but hey, everyone has to pay the bills and keep the lights on, and food on the table.

When will this insanity stop?

Hopefully soon, but more than likely it won’t stop until we get the Biden administration out of office and get a real President. And by now, there are lot more people wanting that to happen soon!!

Need to find reliable and real transporters to handle your shipping needs? Check this>> uShip mpe llc <<carrier out before using the inflated uShip platform. If you decide to go direct to uShip, just understand they will really get you and the carrier with their inflated fees. They will also string you along, and quickly piss you off.

The uShip platform was once good, just like our economy was once good. But after Covid everything changed for the worst.

Always do your best,

-Mike Pilcher

Mike Pilcher


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