Camper Transport from Wakarusa Indiana to Ottawa Kansas…

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Here’s what I focus on for camper transport from Wakarusa Indiana to Ottawa Kansas, or anywhere else.

My number one goal is protecting my customers campers, or whatever it is I’m transporting. I have my own checklist that I go through before ever leaving the lots with these new campers, or anything I will be towing down the road. See checklist below…

camper transport from Wakarusa Indiana to Ottawa Kansascamper transport from Wakarusa Indiana to Ottawa Kansascamper transport from Wakarusa Indiana to Ottawa Kansas

In the pictures above you see just one of the new campers I’m getting ready to head out of Indiana with. Notice the full length rock guard I’ve installed on my truck, which protects whatever I’m towing. You will also see the equalizer hitch and bars I use for ALL campers!!

Have respect for the law, and for all others. Have integrity and be a good example everywhere you go!!

-Mike Pilcher

P.S. All loads Checklist:

  1. Check all lug nuts
  2. Check all tire pressures…including spare tire
  3. Check hitch and make sure emergency brake cable is attached to truck, and make sure equalizer bars are set properly (parallel to trailer frame). Attach safety chains to truck, and make sure they aren’t dragging the ground. Especially check that you have your safety lock on the ball hitch latch in down (locked) position.
  4. Make sure all windows are closed and secured.
  5. Make sure roof vents are closed and everything inside camper is secured before transport.
  6. Check roof to make certain antennas are in down position and anything else is secured.
  7. Close all underbody drains are closed and all drain handles are in the closed position (pushed inward).
  8. Check all lights and electric brakes to make certain they all work just as they should.
  9. Perform a brake test before driving off of the lot, and set your brake box accordingly.
  10. Check all side doors and lock, along with all walk in doors. Lock everything before going down the road. Make sure awnings are in and tight against the camper.

Your truck should be back to original ride height before you hooked up, if the bars are set up right. In other words, measure your truck height before hooking up and then measure again after hook up. Try and be back where it was static, or at least within a 1/2″ of static.

Refer to my pictures above for proper equalizer bar setting ups. Remember: Having the bars parallel with the trailer frame is the ideal setup!!

A huge bonus (must have) if towing a great deal, and that is an auxiliary fuel tank like you see in the bed of my Ram 3500. This tank is an aluminum RDS 70 gallon, w/fuel level gauge. I have an electric pump and also it is set up to gravity feed right into the main tank of my truck. I also have a shut off valve on my auxiliary tank, so I can shut it off if needed.

With everything full, I hold 101 gallons of diesel fuel.