Some People Will Never Support Your Dreams…

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I’m sure you’ve heard that some people will never support your dreams? Well, this is true!!

Real friends will never put you down or anything you do, if they are true friends that is. Some people are out in our lives for a season. They are here for awhile to help us grow and get stronger. There are people that once you develop and grow stronger in the Lord, you will soon see right through their shenanigans and silly behaviors. Trust me, you will know when to move on without them.

If you are going to live a good positive and solid faith filled life, you cannot hang out with negative people, and especially ones that put you down, or don’t support your dream.

Think of it like farming. The farmer plants the seed and believes it will grow. That seed has to go through the seasons before you can have the harvest. Some seeds will take root and grow, the birds will get some seeds, and some of the seeds will rot in the ground. Friends are kinda the same way. Many are fair weather friends, and will never be supportive of everything you do, and might even bash or put down something’s you do. You can still love them and be a good example for them, but you just cannot continue to hang out with them.

Are your friends different when they are drunk or sober?

I’ve even had friends that didn’t believe in the vehicles I drive and all they could do was bash my stuff and tell me how bad it was. Why? Because of their opinionated drunken behavior, and they think what they drive is the best and everyone else should agree with them. Guess what? I cut ties with these people and moved on!! Yes, I will still be nice and love them, but I will NOT hang out with people like this.

The old me would have knocked the living crap out of these drunk belligerent people and never thought a thing about it. The new me has developed and matured and takes the high road, instead of getting all bent out of shape and busting someone up for their stupidness.

Let God Fight Your Battles!

Nowadays I let God fight my battles, instead of fighting my own. You see, faith in God overrules all other garbage. God will prepare a table before your enemies and raise you up and promote you right in front of them.

No weapon or person formed against the believer will ever prosper!! God will always make the enemy pay for what they come against you with!!

Not everyone will be for you!

There will always be silly people that are against you. They may be your friend to your face, but behind your back they are against you, talking about you, or maybe even trying to hurt you or what you do or stand for. Let them, because if you have faith and ask God to fight your battles, then He will make them pay!! Gods way is better than our way…always!!

Some people will never support your dreams

Just remember, taking the high road is less stressful and way more productive. And just know this, for the believers and faith minded people, you have the most high force fighting your battles for you. Taking the high road isn’t always easy, but has nice payment in the end. You never know what people are going through. Behind the scenes they may have something going on that you don’t know about. Low self esteem people love to put others down, or find fault. It’s ok, take the high road and don’t play those silly, childish games.

Be a person of faith. Be a person of high integrity. Be a person of love. Be a giver and not a taker. Treat others the way you want to be treated and God will reward you like you’ve never dreamed of!!

Your destiny is not decided by people!

People don’t decide your destiny, God does. People don’t promote you, God does. With God for you, who dare be against you!! All the forces of darkness cannot stops Gods plan for you life, as long as you have faith and believe Gods promises!! You and God are a majority!!

Always do your best,

-Mike Pilcher

Mike Pilcher