Shocker Hitch for Gooseneck and Bumper Hitch Styles

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Have you heard of Shocker Hitch for Gooseneck and Bumper Hitch styles. Shocker hitch also makes one for fifth wheels and equalizer styles.

I’ve had the Shocker bumper hitch style setup for many years now, and I absolutely love it and recommend it. This hitch takes so much of the beating out of towing anything and the hard bangs from our terrible roads and hiways.

Shocker Hitch for Gooseneck and Bumper Hitch stylesShocker Hitch for Gooseneck and Bumper Hitch styles

This shocker bumper hitch above is one I’ve had for many years and can be ordered with any ball or attached combination. I typically run around 20# to 30# depending on the tongue weight of trailer I’m pulling. Notice the rock guard in the second picture (the one right above here) that I’ve added?

This rock guard is great protection and insurance for protecting your loads. If your hauling things on a flatbed trailer, or towing campers, boats, or anything else, this rock guard will protect your loads and make your customers very happy to know how much pride you take in what you do.

Recently, I’ve just added the Shocker Hitch to my 30′ Sure Trac hydraulic dovetail, gooseneck trailer. This 25k dual wheels trailer is so heavy duty and with the 10′ hydraulic dovetail, and it tends to huck and buck a great deal on the bad choppy roads.

However, my new investment (Shocker Hitch) has taken almost all of that out. You will NEVER be able to take all of the bounce and buck out of these large trailers, especially on these rough ass roads we have. However, I’ve taken out approximately 85% to 90% of mine, and that makes me very happy.

Shocker Hitch for Gooseneck and Bumper Hitch stylesShocker Hitch for Gooseneck and Bumper Hitch styles

Once you figure out what air pressure the shocker hitch likes empty and loaded, then simply run the same air pressure in the shocker hitch airbag and you are set to go. Right now I am running around 20# air when the trailer is empty and 25# to 30# loaded, depending on how heavy my trailer is loaded.

I cannot say enough about the shocker hitches and how much difference they actually make. The quality is above and beyond, and they are very dependable!! Bob Sagen is the founder and owner of shocker hitch, and just a great guy, that truly believes in his products.

If you’re tired of getting beat up on the rough roads when towing campers, boats, gooseneck trailers, or fifth wheels, then shocker is the solution for you. Easy to add air to and it don’t take much. A simple 12v air pump will add air to these hitches. For me, I added an onboard air compressor and take to my truck for low tires, and for my shocker hitches.

Shocker Hitch for Gooseneck and Bumper Hitch styles – Best Air Hitches On The Market

Got questions? Leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to answer your questions about the shocker hitch and the company itself. These shocker hitches are the best hitches on the market today!!

Always do your best,

-Mike Pilcher

Mike Pilcher