Updates To My 2017 Ram 3500…

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I wanted to share some of my most recent updates to my 2017 Ram 3500.

My most recent encounter with wildlife in the mountains of upstate New York was frightening. I’ve seen deer each and every trip, and out west I see antelope and elk, but this last trip to New York was a huge black bear…and he was so close my front bumper sensors were beeping…and in the red zone. This close encounter made me realize I just didn’t have enough protection for the front end of my Ram 3500.

Below you will see the before picture of a custom made Bull Bar I’ve been using since 2020, and the second picture is of my most recent upgrade to full front end protection.

updates to my 2017 Ram 3500updates to my 2017 Ram 3500

Back when I first traded for this 2017 Ram 3500 I hit a large buck deer almost immediately after I got this truck, and this was the start of Covid and all I could get right away was the Bull Bar. Everything else was on back order 6 months to a year and more. So at the time the bull bar at least protected the vitals of my Ram truck.

After this black bear encounter, I went on a major hunt to find much better front end protection. So now, I feel much more at ease. Of course, I hope to never hit anything and try this massive brush guard out, but it’s peace of mind knowing it will protect my entire front end if needed.

Always do your best,

-Mike Pilcher

Mike Pilcher