Strapping Your Loads For The Long Hauls

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Are you strapping your loads for the long hauls the same as you do for all hauls? Or are you being lazy and just doing enough to hopefully get by?

So many people don’t have a clue how to strap down their loads, and as a result, they lose their loads, which can cause accidents, and also hurt the items. Don’t just assume it’s good enough, add more straps if you aren’t sure…and ask someone that actually knows how to do what your attempting to do. And no, don’t ask your dentist, or the mail man. Ask someone who actually knows and have already done it themselves!!

YouTube videos for the most part are very informative and fairly accurate, especially if they have lots of views and and their own channel.

Strapping your loads for the long hauls

Typically for most flatbed loads, or like the load you will see in the photos on this post, the 2″ straps that are 10,000# straps are good enough. Make sure your straps are in good condition and not frayed or cut in any way.

What will hurt your straps?

The one thing that will hurt your straps quicker than anything, is sharp edges that your straps make contact with. If your strap has to be near an edge that isn’t rounded or really smooth, then either move it somewhere else, or lay a piece of rubber in between the strap and edge, or cardboard doubled or tripled up, or even leather gloves will work.

Sharp or jagged edges kills straps quickly. If the strap is next to a bolt, or anything while in transit, it will get frayed during a long haul. It’s ALWAYS better to have more straps than not enough. Straps can break, and if you have more than necessary, then you are good if one should happen to break or come lose.

What about the long tails on straps?

Going down the hiway I see loads with the long tails of straps just flying in the wind. It’s very unprofessional and totally uncalled for. Have you in heard of zip ties? Sure you have. They are cheap and the best way to secure your long tail straps.

strapping your loads for the long haulsstrapping your loads for the long hauls

See the pictures above of how I do it, and notice the thick card board I use where my straps come over the edges. Even though these are rounded edges, I still do this to protect my straps and make sure my load is secure! See the zip ties and how I’ve folded up the long tails of the straps and then zip tied them so they aren’t blowing in the wind going down the hiway.

Do it right, or just don’t do it at all!! Doing things right takes more time, which is why most people do everything half ass. Be a professional and do everything to the best of your ability!! Take pride in what you do, and it will always come back to you in a good way. In other words, you will be rewarded.

Always do your best,

-Mike Pilcher

Mike Pilcher