MyFitnessPal is a Joke – Unwanted Pop Up Ads is kinda Scammy…

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Do you think MyFitnessPal is a joke, or do you even use it? I hate the unwanted pop up ads and crap that pops up, which is their tactics for getting people to upgrade to the monthly subscription.

This MyFitnessPal app was literally the best app I had for years, but now with all the pop ups and garbage in your face all the time, it’s almost time to delete it and find something better, that is ad free.

MyFitnessPal Free?

The best apps out there are the ones that allow you to upgrade for better features, but they allow a super low (one time) fee for a lifetime. MyFitnessPal is suppose to be free…right? Well it is if you want to deal with all the over promoting and pop up ads constantly in your face. I’m not a fan of MyFitnessPal high subscriptions that are monthly or even yearly and basically allowing someone else to live a great life off of others monthly upgrades and subscriptions.

Is getting rid of the pop up ads worth 20 something dollars per month? Not hardly!!

MyFitnessPal is a joke, and overly frustrating nowadays.

I think we all should take better care of ourselves and keep track of our food and calories…(what we eat). On a doctors visit years ago, my doctor ask what I had been eating that could cause the rash that I was getting after running and working out, so I pulled out my phone and let him look at MyFitnessPal app where he could see right away what food was causing the problem.

So yes, these type apps are nice because you can add every meal, your exercises and drinks. For me, it keeps me more accountable to myself and helps me not overeat and not to let myself go and not workout, or at least get in my daily steps.

Pop Up Ads Are Scammy

In my opinion, I think the pop up ads are scammy and a scare tactic to get people to do what they don’t want to do, which is spend money. Let’s face it though, this is how most companies do business nowadays, and how they make thousands, if not millions off of others. If I chose to upgrade to something, or buy something, then I will do it when I’m ready, and not because you keep throwing pop up ads in my face. All this will do to me is ditch you and go somewhere else!!

I think you would agree, we all hate scammers. If you promote something to be free, then it should be. However, if you intend to promote something that is free, but you are going to try and make money off of people by using pop up ads and other bs crap, then make sure you mention that when you are saying it’s free. Oh but wait! You probably wouldn’t get anyone to signup for it, would you? Yep, that’s the trip wire…the catch, or the snare.

Free is not always free. So many people are using that word to get people, and then trying to force them into other stuff once they get them signed up. It’s the world we live in. It’s not about you and me anymore, it’s about them, the ones that are trying to make a living off of others. Is this ethical? Well, you can decide that one.

MyFitnessPal is a joke? Anymore, I think it is a joke. I mean, you go in to log your meals and exercise and you have to maneuver around all the pop up ads and games that continue to pop up. So to me, it’s a joke!! Good health starts with what you eat, and that’s why everyone should track their food and exercises, but MyFitnessPal isn’t the right one until they make some serious changes!

Let me know if you have other platforms that are actually free, or low one time subscriptions that stop all the bs ads. Leave your comments below.

Always do your best,

-Mike P.

Mike P.