Shocker 20k Hitch For Sale! (SOLD)

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Today is your lucky day, because I have my red Shocker 20k Hitch For Sale! This red Shocker hitch is an airbag hitch with combo 2″ and 2-5/16 welded balls.

This is the heavy duty 2-1/2″ receiver tube and is rated at 20,000# towing and 2000# tongue weight. Today it can be yours for $385, unless you keep ready for the hidden additional discount.

Although this hitch is in perfect working condition, I’ve ordered another one in black. This red 20k Shocker is used and has some rock chips, but as already mentioned, it is perfect working condition!

Shocker 20k Hitch For Sale!

It’s easy to air up, and can be aired up with a bicycle pump, or any 12 volt air pump. Simple, but literally the best hitch I’ve ever owned!! I have tried them all, and trust me, this Shocker air hitch takes so much of the rough trailer beating, and banging out.

So Why Buy An Air Hitch?

For a very long time semis, dump trucks and other large equipment have used airbags because they provide more load capacity’s and better rides. They are extremely durable and dependable, and that has been proven over and over.

Shocker 20k Hitch For Sale!

The Shocker air hitch has an airbag, but in the event it should fail, no worries, because it has built in safety bump stops that will allow you to safely keep running without the airbag. The airbag is just like the ones used for suspension in trucks. Airlift and Goodyear are the bags used by Shocker hitches.

Shocker 20k Hitch For Sale!

This airbag hitch I have here for sale for $385 (which is half of new price), is the first one I bought many years ago and it has been my go to hitch for everything I tow that is bumper hitch. Recently, I purchased the Shocker hitch for my large gooseneck trailer, and I must say, it took more than 90% of the huck and buck and road beating out of my gooseneck trailer, which makes me, my back and my truck very happy.

Shocker 20k Hitch For Sale!

If you read this far and want this hitch, then because you’ve read this post and visited my website, I’m offering you an additional discount on this Shocker 20k Hitch. Contact me right away before this hitch sells elsewhere and get an additional discount.

Contact me below in the comments section, or visit the contact page of this website and contact me from there. If you’re a spammer, then leave now!!

This hitch is SOLD!! Sorry, but if you want one, let me know and I can show you how to get one at discount.

Talk soon,

-Mike Pilcher

Mike Pilcher