Oregon Mountains In December…

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Traveling through the Oregon mountains in December can be slow and dangerous. These mountains are 6% plus grade and several are 4-8 miles long.

When traveling this time of year towing trailers and loaded, it is mandatory that you carry chains and use them on these roads. The rules are to put chains on drive axle tires as well as one braking axle tires of the trailer. This allows for traction going up the steep grades, but also for braking going down the hills.

Oregon mountains in December

Just imagine on something as steep as 6%, having your loaded rig start sliding down a hill that is 4-8 miles long. By the time you got going it would be almost impossible to stop it. Chains are aggressive and work great!! It is time consuming to stop and put them on, and then have to take them off once your mountain sections are done. And imagine doing this in Zero temperatures. ?

Don’t forget to carry your chains when traveling with trailers through the Oregon mountains in December, and all the winter months.

Always do your best,

-Mike Pilcher