Recently Switched My Gooseneck Trailer Over To Fifth Wheel – (king pin…

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I’ve recently switched my gooseneck trailer over to fifth wheel – (king pin) set up. The main reason for doing this was simple…I’m tired of taking my heavy fifth wheel hitch in and out of my truck each week.

Each time I’m pulling fifth wheel campers, then I get back to the farm and need to use my gooseneck trailer, then I have to remove my fifth wheel hitch and put the gooseneck ball back in. This just became to much of a hassle, so I rebuilt my fifth wheel hitch so it doesn’t take up my entire pickup bed, and now my gooseneck trailer is a fifth wheel set up. And honestly, it pulls nicer and it way more stable side to side.

As much as I loved the shocker air hitch for my gooseneck trailer, I like the handling of this large trailer even better with the king pin (fifth wheel) set up.

Check out the pictures below of how I modified a new gooseneck tube and how I rebuilt my fifth wheel hitch.

recently switched my gooseneck trailer over to fifth wheelrecently switched my gooseneck trailer over to fifth wheelrecently switched my gooseneck trailer over to fifth wheel

This set up might not be the best for others, but it is for me right now. And honestly, after the huge improvement in the way this large gooseneck trailer handles, I’d hate to go back to the goose ball. The huck and buck this trailer had, especially when empty, has been cut down by at least 80%…if not more. Huge Improvement!!

The fifth wheel hitch conversion was done with Curt parts. I used a Curt fifth wheel adapter plate for the Ram 3500 puck system, and then I had to cut the front puck legs off and cap the ends, because my large fuel tank covers half of the front bed pucks. I also incorporated a floor plate that has the large shaft that drops down into the gooseneck ball hole and locks in. I mocked everything up, then tack welded the floor plate into the Curt puck rails/legs and then pulled everything out of my truck and welded it up solid.

This hitch set up, compared to my previous slider hitch is not only half the overall weight, but it also gave me back a large amount of my pickup bed space back…which I really love.

You can visit my facebook page and see more about this build and other information, towing tips and more.

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Mike Pilcher