Westin BrushGuard Updates

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Today I added more Westin BrushGuard Updates that will allow for one more important update and one huge upgrade. 🙂

See the pictures below where I’ve added the center winch plate to my Westin brush guard. This piece that runs across the front of the bumper from one side to the other of the brush guard. This is a heavy well built piece of steel that will not just support my Superwinch, but also help support and protect the center of my vehicle, and the vitals right behind it…my ac condenser, transmission coolers and radiator.

Westin BrushGuard
Westin BrushGuard UpdatesWestin BrushGuard Updates
Westin BrushGuardWestin BrushGuard

I spend a great deal of time in the mountains out west, as well as to the east. These mountains are packed full of large wildlife, and in the winter they have lots of snow and ice. This is why the huge center section/winch plate is necessary, as well as the 12,000# superwinch. Protection and emergency assistance if ever needed, which could prove a life saver in the middle of the night in extreme cold, with no one else around.

I have added a finished picture above showing the SX 12 SuperWinch installed and wired so that you can see what it looks like mounted, as well as how I’ve wired it and tucked everything in nice and neat.

I have also added extras I will have onboard encase duty’s call for the winch. These would be; large snatch block, 30k tree strap and 2 shackles. Oh, and I also carry hd tire chains for my truck and one braking axle of my trailer. The best deals I’ve found for all of the above mentioned is Amazon.

Here is the Amazon link <~~for this awesome winch. For all these updates, Amazon.com was my choice, because of prices and Amazons fast deliveries.

Always do your best,

-Mike Pilcher

Mike Pilcher