HughesNet Is A Scam – Worthless Internet Service!!

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Maybe you’ve already figured out that HughesNet is a scam? This is the most worthless internet service I’ve ever experienced and used.

For over 2 years I’ve gave this company so many chances to make our internet better, but nothing has improved after all their lies and promises. Our bill continues to go up, and for something that is so worthless we cannot connect anything in our house to it.

HughesNet is something you definitely want to stay away from, unless you like being lied to, cheat, and stolen from.

I’ve tried numerous times over the last few years to cancel, but after being on hold for 15-30 minutes, someone that I can barely understand will always promise me better service and talk me into staying, and lowering my bill. However, the bill lowering last about 1-2 months and then right back up it goes, and of course, the service is no better.

Finally, 2 weeks ago I demanded cancellation and HughesNet took $92 out of my bank account that very day. I received my box today from them to send back the modem, and tonight they took another $54 out of my bank account, without my permission. To me, this is stealing and I am taking action against this scammy HughesNet company. Enough is enough!!

As I was contacting BBB and others, it turns out there is many different cases like mine against HughesNet. So trust me, unless you want an ongoing headache, then I recommend staying away from HughesNet!!

Is HughesNet A Scam?

You decide for yourself. Check out their reviews, and check out what 100’s of others have to say about HughesNet. The one thing I hate more than anything is having to write a post like this one, but when it’s so clear this company is cheating so many others, including myself, then yes, I have no choice but to make it public.

I’ve have this company 2 years to make it right, but nothing but lies and more excuses have came from the wasted phone calls, not to mention the frustration and headaches HughesNet has given me. The last straw is when they continue to debit my bank account without my permission. Big mistake on their part!!

What About The Better Business Bureau (BBB)?

Here are some HughesNet complaints <<~~ these are people just like you trying to get answers and are all legit complaints

If you’ve had bad experiences with HughesNet, I’d love to hear your horror stories. Even if you don’t think HughesNet is a scam. Check out the HughesNet BBB profile here <<~~~…They are also known as Hughes Network Systems LLC.

My complaints (which have been many) to the HughesNet company are simple. Poor internet that I cannot use to connect anything in our home, prices keeps going up, unclear so called contract that I never signed, no paperwork showing a contract, promises after promises for better service to try to keep me as a customer. After 2 years of the run around and empty promises, and now them continuing to take money out of my bank account without my permission, in my eyes is stealing. So I’ve filed numerous complaints, as I see so many others have. See some BBB complaints here <<~~~…

You see, I’m not trying to cause this company trouble, but if you attack me, then I’m forced to attack back. Taking money out of my bank account without my permission, is an attack and not acceptable!! This is the second and final time we’ve tried HughesNet, and it’s not right for us. In all seriousness, a land line provides better internet, and I think you know how poor land line internet is.

Leave me comments below and let me hear about your HughesNet experiences.

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