Obeying The Speed Limits – Integrity Is Lacking In Most People Nowadays…

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The biggest task for people nowadays seems to be obeying the speed limits and showing respect to law enforcement. Speeding out of control, texting while doing this, having phones to their ears and tailgating.

Integrity Is Lacking In Most People Nowadays

There is no integrity anymore, no respect for others and the laws mean nothing to most. I’m not sure why we are allowing people to drive so fast and get by with it, but right now it’s the way it seems to be, and people know it, which makes matters worse.

Watching people drive can pretty much tell you what kind of person they are. If they are driving well over the speed limits, texting while driving like this, tailgating and showing no respect to others, especially the law enforcement, then this pretty much tells you what kind of worthless person they are.

It’s time for the law enforcement to take back control and gain their respect back. It’s time to start yanking people’s licenses away for driving 15-20mph over the speed limits, tailgating, and disrespecting the law.

Intentionally Disrespecting The Law and Others

People are intentionally doing this and it’s time it stops. There are innocent people out there, family’s and young people driving while these idiots are driving around way over the speed limits and basically out of control.

Why don’t we start putting overhead cameras on the hiways and roads like they do the tolls. Take pictures and send the tickets in the mail. Next, do NOT allow ways out, like getting fines knocked down and points taken away. But instead, have no way out except losing their license and then the next offense is taking license indefinitely and jail time.

Obeying the speed limits

Maybe this sounds a bit overboard to you, but if you drove the roads as much as I do and see what I see, you’d feel the same. Nothing happens until someone decides to take action!! I get it, Biden defunded police departments and we are short staffed, but it’s time we take a stand, get our country back and get law enforcement back into the game.

As Americans, we should not support this kind of behavior from citizens, and we should do anything we can to support law enforcement and see to it they get the funding they need to operate the right way.

How about getting a real president back in office, like President Trump. We don’t need politicians in office, we need open minded people like President Trump!! Remember: President Trump never to a wage in all his term. That says a lot about his character and integrity. Think about it, no other president has EVER done this, and especially the one we have now. Instead, they are more worried about taking our guns and rights away, increasing all cost and keeping us broke.

Let’s all do our part and slow down. Leave home earlier so you don’t have to speed. Plan your day better and leave the phone somewhere besides in your hand while driving. Listen, all cars nowadays have hands free technology, so why don’t you freaking use it and not be like all the other morons that are driving out of control while using their phones. BE RESPONSIBLE!!!

Always do your best at being a good example to others. Separate yourself from the clicks and set a higher standard than the average person.