Best Bumper Hitch For Your Tow Vehicle!

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The questions always come up with people wanting to know what the best bumper hitch for your tow vehicle.

I wanted to share with you what I’ve found and am using myself. Believe me, I’ve tried so many different bumper hitches for my trucks, and I always have came right back to the Shocker Hitches.

This shocker hitch I’ve found to work best for all around towing, is the airbag type hitch. See mine pictured below here…

best bumper hitch for your tow vehiclebest bumper hitch for your tow vehiclebest bumper hitch for your tow vehicle

As you can see in the pictures, this hitch has lots of up and down adjustments, and it also has a 2″, as well as 2-5/16″ balls. This black max shocker hitch is rated at 20,000# pulling and 2000# tongue weight. To give you an idea, when towing a 10,000# trailer that has around 800-1000# tongue weight, I’m between 25-30# of air pressure in my air bag.

Airbags have been around for so long, and have been proven to provide smoother and safe towing. Semis use them, large grain trucks, large trash trucks, large trailers of all kinds. Simple to use, smoother rides, and very durable!

For my air hitch, you can actually use a 12v battery operated inflator to pump up the airbag. Seriously, it takes very little air to pump this airbag up. I cannot even begin to tell you how bad the hi-ways are all around the country side, and without this airbag hitch, the ride when towing anything is brutal. However, with my black max shocker air hitch, I simply adjust my air pressure to what feels best and enjoy the much smoother ride.

Feel free to message me with questions about this hitch, or even my shocker gooseneck air hitch. For my large gooseneck hitch, I used the shocker air hitch, then tried the gen y torsion hitch, and I also built a king pin hitch and used it with my fifth wheel hitch. The only hitch that even came close to the shocker air hitch was my king pin used with my fifth wheel hitch. Now I have my shocker air hitch back in my gooseneck trailer to stay…because it’s that good!!

best bumper hitch for your tow vehiclebest bumper hitch for your tow vehicle

You can always visit for more information about these hitches, watch videos and read reviews, and see for yourself what the best bumper hitch for your tow vehicle really is.

Always make sure and protect your investments by using hitch locks. Someone is always looking for stuff to steal, so don’t let your hard earned money just walk off because you didn’t take the time to throw a hitch lock on.

Talk soon,

-Mike Pilcher

Mike Pilcher