Michael V. Pilcher
3300 SW Hulse Rd
Trimble, MO. 64492
Mobile # (660)635-1071


Provide customers with the best possible service and experience, that is done in a professional and timely matter. To also provide the employer with best technician/insurance adjuster for the position hired.

Summary of Skills and Qualifications:

I have been in the automotive industry since high school. Working with a man who at the time had over 40 years of experience in auto-body and collision repairs and services, and learning the inside to the outside of vehicles and collision repairs. Having worked under the hoods of vehicles as well for so many years, I have learned so much about vehicles in every aspect.

Pulling and replacing engines in my own shop during the rebuilding process of different vehicles, I have much knowledge of most all vehicles. Using diagnostics equipment, scanners and other tools to diagnose problems and then repair.

  • Years of experience with body shop equipment
  • Frame machine experience and knowledge
  • Mitchell system collision knowledge
  • Written numerous collision reports and estimates
  • Years of experience and knowledge with hand and air tools of all kinds

Working Experiences:

  • Farming throughout my entire life
  • Carnation/Nestle Food Company as Quality Control Inspector and Supervisor
  • Running my own body shop and collision business (over 25 years)
  • Running multiple businesses of my own (still active and current)
  • Working with and building teams with Quixtar/Amway Corporation (2006 to 2008)
  • Performing public speaking events (2006 to 2008)
  • Building websites and blogs (web design and content)…2008 to current
  • Working with web-hosting and autoresponder set ups and daily maintenance (2008 to current)
  • Building online businesses and teams (2008 to current)
  • Custom painting and Airbrush murals…(still active and current)
  • Teaching Airbrush and Custom Paint Classes (still active and current)
  • Over the road machinery hauling…buy, sell and trading (all of my adult life)

Educational Background:

  • Graduated Trenton High School (THS) 1979 – High School Degree
  • Vo-Tech in farming and auto-body
  • Degree in food processing and instrumentation from Purdue University (1985)
  • Seminars for personal growth and communications
  • Speaking Events
  • Certificate from Iwata Training Facility in Salt Lake City UT for Airbrushing Classes completed (1994)

Licenses and Awards:

  • Current and active LLC license
  • Current Drivers License
  • Business License
  • AC/Refrigerant License
  • Ordained Minister
  • Airbrush Artist Awards and Magazine publications
  • Car show awards and Magazine publications
  • 10 different World/National records set
  • Top Producer awards with Amway
  • Top Producer award with Empower Network (online marketing)
  • Best Painter Awards

Additional Information:

Professional drag racing all over the country using the car I built and custom painted in my body shop/collision center. This show car/drag race car allowed me to show off my paint and airbrushing talents, as well as set 10 different World/National records. This was all done with my daughters while they was growing up, to have those family memories for life.

From 2006 to 2008 I was personally involved with Quixtar/Amway as a rep. This position quickly turned into a team building experience for me, as I built the fastest growing team in the history of Quixtar/Amway. After several years of driving all over the country doing hotel presentations, home presentation and home party’s, I decided to pull away from the company and work my own businesses.

  • Drivers license and insurance are active and current
  • No tickets or other driving violations on my record
  • No arrest or convictions
  • Dependable Vehicle


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