Hauling Service

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MPE LLC offers a hauling service that is much different than the majority offers. Our hauling service is done in house by us, and not by brokers. We book our own loads and haul each load ourselves. This allows peace of mind to our customers who we haul for. In other words, they know they are getting us and not some wanna be hauler that may not have the experience, or proper equipment to handle the loads being transported.

Hauling Service

There are so many different ways to ships your loads, so many places like uShip.com and others where the person wanting to ship something can go and place their ad, then it gets bid on by every Tom, Dick and Harry. What I mean is; you have no idea who these people are, because very few of them will show up in your Google searches, and they will not have profile filled out, or a picture of themselves, or their business logo.

Mike Pilcher Hauling Service

These wanna b’s are just out to make a buck and have no respect for your load and valuables. Most won’t have insurance, and believe it or not, many won’t even have a drivers license.

Hauling Service

Seriously, these days you have no idea what you are getting with these faceless beings. By faceless, I mean no profile picture, no profile that allows you to see who they are or what they represent.

These unexperienced bandits will not show up in any Google search, no website and not even a Facebook page. Hummmmm? And you are about to accept their low ball bid because why? It’s cheap right?

Believe it or not, most people that are shipping something want the cheapest, low ball bid possible. These folks may not care right now anyway, who hauls their stuff.

Hauling Service

With this kind of hauling service these wanna b’s are offering, how will your shipped items show up to you? Are they even show up at all? What about damaged goods/load? Will these so called haulers stand behind their business and work? Do they even have a business, or LLC? Maybe you better do some research before accepting these low ball bidders that have no profiles, pictures, or websites. Just a thought!!

Do Your Research

With the technology we have at our fingertips nowadays, it is simple and lightning fast to do a Google search for someone and or a business. Use google or your favorite search engine, type in the name and or business you are looking for, then it enter. BOOM…pops up results.

Any legitimate business and owner will be right there to see who they are, how long they’ve been around and where they live…

All legitimate businesses have websites and Facebook pages, and contact pages that allow you instant access to them. Now you can call them up to make sure they are real, and put a voice with the name. You can ask them questions, which gives you peace of mind. Do your research before deciding on your hauling service.

Using a hauling service that you can trust allows you to relax when your stuff heads down the road with someone you don’t know that well. Maybe it’s a special vehicle, or some other valuables, or maybe its farm equipment? It might be a brand new vehicle from a dealership in another state that you purchased online to save money?

Whatever the case may be, do yourself a huge favor and check out the ones who are bidding on your ads, and see beforehand who each person and business is…or isn’t. Make sense?

My business, MPE LLC has been around for a long long time. Over 30 years of farming, running and hauling large equipment and driving large loads long distances.

I also have legitimate websites (like the one you are on right now), multiple Facebook pages, current pictures of myself, wife and family, my businesses, tow rigs and much more.

I’m not one that hides behind some generic blank photo template, nor am I one of the low ball bidders that are just out to win the bid and not make a dime.

Truth of the matter is, I am in business to make money, just like you got to work to make money. But I am also in business to help others and to deliver on my promises.

My word is like gold…and I do what I say is what I will do, even if I have to go out of my way to do it.

hauling service

Feel free to search me and my businesses. Search my uShip profile as well. You will see that I am easy to find in your searches. Not only MPE LLC, but also PinOaksFarm.com, MikePilcherCustoms.com and others that I own and operate. So yes, I am legit and as you can see, I have multiple, successful businesses of many, many years.

If I can help you with your hauling needs, please feel free to reach out to me. I will give you an honest yes I can help you, or no, that isn’t something i can do, or have time for right now. Call, text, or email me anytime.

Check out just one of many of my Facebook pages here <<.

Always do your best,

-Mike Pilcher

Mike and Rhonda Pilcher


hauling service