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More loads booked with uShip. This platform called uShip is one that so many people are using, and one I’ve used for many years.

With all the job losses and the constant worry’s about the Corona Virus, more people are turning to ways of making money that they’ve never tried before. This can be good, but it can also be bad.

Let me explain what I mean…

The good thing about this is; at least people are looking for ways to make money…(earn income), and not just sit around and soak up unemployment income. In these trying times, people are desperate, but some have taken it to a whole new level. Those that are earning unemployment are making more money on unemployment than what they would if they was back in their jobs. Seriously, it’s the truth. Unemployment is paying more to folks than their jobs would.

Don’t get me wrong, many people need unemployment, and they deserve it. However, many are taking advantage of it too, which is a crying shame…

So for those that are out there trying to find ways of earning income, and not just soak up the easy unemployment money…more power to them.


Right now there are more people bidding on uShip loads than ever before. Most of these are ones that have never hauled loads before, ones that have no experience, insurance, or the proper hauling equipment.

The problem with this can be very dangerous for the shipper (the person trying to hire someone). Think about it for a second. Let’s say you are shipping a heavy load of machinery, or a heavy vehicle? And let’s say that the hauler comes and gets your load with a light weight pickup truck and a light weight trailer that is not meant for heavy loads. Now, let’s say after a few hours of the rough roads abuse the trailer and pickup truck start experiencing problems and blow out tires, or springs break and possibly go off the road as a result of the equipment failures.


This could have a huge impact on your load, and possibly even destroy it. So before you take some low ball bid that the inexperienced ones give, do some research on those bidders and make sure they are worthy haulers. Make sure they are experienced uShip haulers at that! And not just uShip haulers, but experienced haulers in general.

uShip Scam

Is uShip a scam…or what?


Many people out there believe that uShip is a scam. Is it? The uShip scam…Not really! The fact that uShip takes 20% right off the top of the winning bidder, then another 10% from the shipper. Who’s making the real money here? That’s kinda scammy isn’t it? What about all the inexperienced low ball bidders that have no clue about hauling loads, let alone the experience and equipment needed. That’s kinda scammy too…right?

uShip is legit, and many experienced and inexperienced use the uShip platform. It’s your job to decide what’s real and who’s not real. Try searching Google for the ones bidding on your loads. This usually helps weed out the scammy ones (the ones with no experience, no profile, no picture, no website, no Facebook and no experience)! Are these the types of people you want to trust with your loads?

Nothing beats experience…absolutely nothing!!!

If you want to use uShip hauling service, then make sure you use me and my hauling service. This way, you are guaranteed good reliable service and communication, that you will love. It’s hard to find people you can trust and depend on, especially nowadays.

When I was growing up, everyone trusted everyone, and peoples word was like gold. But now, it’s dog eat dog and more dishonest people than you can shake a stick at. Since the Coronavirus breakout and election shenanigans, finding someone with true honesty and ethics is really hard to come by. I assure you that you can trust and depend on me. I do what I say, and if I can’t for some reason, I will tell you right up front! You can see my >> uShip profile and reviews << here.

Always do your best,

-Mike Pilcher

Mike Pilcher

MPE LLC Hauling Service




Below here is my uShip Profile and Bio snapshot for you to check out. This is the exact same as you will see if you was logged in to uShip and looking at my profile and reviews. The same place you would see my maximum amount of pictures allowed by uShip. I don’t settle for minimums, I always go for maximum amounts, or do things above and beyond what the small minded folks do. This is the area that the small minded don’t fill out. No profile, no pictures and no reviews. It’s kind of hard to get people to trust you and hire you if they can’t see you, or find out anything about you. Check it out below here…


I have been in business for myself for over 30 years, running multiple, legit LLC and successful businesses. I am NOT a broker, so no games to play here. Just like having a completed profile shows I’m legit and easy to find.

I’ve been in and around farming my entire life, row cropping, livestock, growing specialty things like mums, pumpkins, sweet corn and much more. So operating large machinery, as well as hauling it all over the country is no big deal.

My current truck is a 2017 Ram 3500hd Cummins diesel. See pics below…I always keep all of my equipment up to date and in perfect working condition. Dependability and looks are important to me. I use airbag and equalizer hitches for smoother and less stress towing. I have a 30’ deckover gooseneck 25k flatbed trailer with hydraulic dovetail and 12,000# winch.

I tow flatbed loads, boats, fifth wheel campers, bumper hitch campers, and other trailers. I will always deliver as promised and you will always have communication with me.


MPE LLC uShip Profile and Bio