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We are committed to protecting and maintaining your privacy to the best of our ability and to show this we have chosen to use the privacy statement. Our goals are to provide the greatest user experience and customer service possible while keeping your information private. . As a practical matter, we could not operate nor provide the level of quality our users expect without logging certain data and in some cases providing that data to others. For your understanding and protection, we encourage you to read this Privacy Policy that is incorporated into and subject to our Terms of Use.

E-mail Newsletters

If users wish to subscribe to our e-mail newsletters, we ask for contact information (such as name, e-mail address and, occasionally, demographic information). We use this information in the same manner as we use contact information in the registration and ordering process described above. Recipients of our newsletters can unsubscribe using the instructions listed at the end of the e-mail newsletter.

Personal Data

Whether you are registering as a member, ordering a product or taking part in various activities on our site you may provide personal information (“Personal Data”), including your email address, your credit card number and billing address. In general, we do not share your Personal Data with anyone outside our organization, except:
When you have given express permission for us to do so. Such as when you elect to fill in information requested by us or another party that is specifically intended to be provided to a third party (e.g., an on-line product offering that is sent to the shipper of a book, CD-ROM, or other product.)
For legitimate business purposes, including when a third party is acting as our agent to provide customer service, focus group testing and technical services. In such cases, these third parties are bound by this Privacy Policy and may not reuse your Personal Data.
When necessary to enforce our Code of Conduct or when we are required by applicable law, regulation, subpoena, warrant or other legal process to disclose such information to law enforcement authorities or anyone else.

User Responsibility for Protection and Privacy

User Account Protection: Every registered member of our site will have a member name and password. You are responsible for keeping your password confidential. You are also responsible for all activity occurring through use of your account and/or password. Specifically, users that allow access by others, including family or household members, to their account are responsible for the actions of those individuals, including the invasion of privacy on the user’s Personal Data.
Voluntary Disclosures: Please be aware that if you voluntarily disclose information online, personal or otherwise, such information can be collected by others. For example, using chat, bulletin boards, your email, or if you post personal information online you may receive unsolicited messages from others. Our company will have no means to control this and takes no responsibility for your use of the Internet to voluntarily transmit information to others.
Information concerning the Privacy Act can be found on the following Web site:


Privacy or its associates, partners, owners, or staff do not represent that all companies using this privacy statement completely abide by it, however if we find sites do not abide by this statement we will request they remove the statement from there site. Privacy takes no responsibility for any of the sites using this privacy statement. You may also report any abuse to us at .

How To Contact Us

If at any time you have questions about or believe that We have not adhered to this Privacy Policy, please notify us in writing via email (you may find our contact information on our website). Get Your Own FREE Privacy Statement You may apply to get your own free Privacy statement by going to . Any Coping or unauthorized use of this statement is strictly forbidden.

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