Spiritual Ears – Hear Him Better

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Oftentimes, people think they can’t hear from God. They think He doesn’t talk to them. But really, it isn’t that God isn’t speaking; it’s not that He isn’t giving us direction. The problem is that we’re not always paying attention.

Learning to hear the voice of God is the most important skill you could ever develop. The more you pay attention to Him and the inner promptings and impressions of the Holy Spirit, the more you will know Him and see His goodness and protection in your life. How would your life be different if every morning you would wake up and pray, “God, help my spiritual ears to be open and sensitive to Your voice. God, help me to hear what You’re saying today”?

Today, know that God wants to give you wisdom, direction, protection and guidance that will save you heartache and make your life easier. He wants to give you breaks that will put you years ahead. If you’ll ask to hear Him better and learn to be still and listen, you’ll experience God’s hand of blessing and His direction in every area of your life.