Have compassion and help others – Listen to your inner voice…

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Compassion is simply feeling what others feel, and then letting them know that you care about them by the loving way you treat them.

This sounds easy enough, but it’s usually harder to practice compassion than it is to talk about it. It is not always easy to be compassionate to someone or to others.

But through Christ, all things are possible, and you are more than capable of being a compassionate person each and every day. All that you have to do is be sensitive to the leading of the Spirit, and follow directions when He prompts you to act towards someone in need. We will always make mistakes, and we are not perfect as human beings, but when we follow our heart and that inner voice, everything will always work out just fine.

You have that “small voice” inside of you that tells you what you should do. Just listen to it! When you understand what people are going through, then you can understand their needs, and how you can serve and help.