Avoid sodas and drink mineral water instead

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Avoid Sodas:

Avoiding chemicals and artificial sweeteners should be a top priority when working towards creating healthy habits and making healthy swaps regularly. Diet sodas have actually been linked to weight gain. They contain artificial sweeteners which are much sweeter than sugar and lack essential nutrients doing little to satisfy cravings. Our bodies continue to crave and search (unsuccessfully) for the source of sweetness, setting us up for a front row seat on the blood sugar roller-coaster, leading to sugar cravings, energy dips and blood sugar spikes. This chemical cocktail confuses the body, and on some levels us as well, by making us think that we are “saving” calories throughout the day. Unfortunately, we most likely will pay back these “free” calories with interest later in an effort to compensate for calories missed during the day.

Do Mineral Water Instead:

There is no doubt that by now most of us know that we should be drinking water; we know it does wonders for our skin, cell and metabolic health. However, despite its many health benefits we might find ourselves a bit underwhelmed sometime after our third trip to the water cooler to refill. Mineral water is a great alternative to lackluster hydration efforts. This healthy swap allows you to have the fizz of your favorite soda pop without the unfavorable health effects. Mineral water contains no calories, is fat free (much like your diet sodas) but is also free of artificial ingredients and chemicals. Mineral water also contains essential minerals such as iron, calcium and the electrolytes, calcium and potassium, to support overall health. One can also add fresh fruit as a natural flavor enhancer.