Is morning workouts better than afternoon or evening workouts?

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Do you like working out in the mornings? I sure don’t! Maybe you like working out in the afternoon, or possibly even evenings?

For me I have always got the best results from morning workouts, and I mean early morning workouts. I can workout, shower, and then head off to the rest of my day. However, I sometimes have neglected to do the early morning workouts and relied on doing my workouts later in the day, or most of the time in the late evenings after everything else in my day has been completed. Of course by then I am ran down from all of the days activity’s, and now have ate supper and am on the couch relaxing after a nice warm shower. Your body says it’s almost time for bed and then you put off the workout until the next day, and like always the same thing happens the next day, and the day after that, and so on.

Morning workout advantages are real simple:

  1. Get it out of the way and done for the day.
  2. Energizes your entire day.
  3. Gets your blood flowing and makes you feel for alert and feeling better about yourself.
  4. Makes you sleep so much better than ever before.
  5. Helps you burn up to 20% more body fat than working out in the evenings.

Working out in the evenings will likely never get you the results that you want, unless you are the type of person that can literally drive through anything and remain focused no matter what comes your way, or how tired, or full and lazy from supper you may feel. I know for me the evening workouts make it harder to go to sleep once I am showered and in bed, and it also makes it so hard to get it done due to excuses that can and will come up. Of course for me the afternoon workouts are almost always out of the question due to my busy schedule, so that leaves morning, or evenings.

So which is better..morning or evening workouts?

Well study’s show that the early morning workouts are much better in so many ways, that hands down it is the better workout time. There is not really a bad time of the day to workout and exercise, however morning workouts are proven to burn more calories than any other time of the day. This doesn’t mean that you have to get up 2 hours earlier than normal to workout, because people have told you that you have to workout 1 to 2 hours every stinking day of the week to get the results that you want. That is a big huge load of BS! In fact, those that are doing that are missing the boat and destroying their body’s. Seriously, 2 hour workouts 7 days a week? Are you flipping serious? Well my friend, I know many people doing it, and I will tell you that it isn’t healthy at all. Your body needs rest from working out, and if you are working out 2 hours a day 7 days a week, then when does your body rest? I think you are smart enough to figure this one out. It doesn’t!

The next thing is vitamins and supplements that your body needs. None of our body’s make enough protein, and this is exactly why we must feed our body more protein. It is best to keep your protein level higher than your carbs and fat levels of your daily intake. I recommend a good quality of whey protein…like Jay Robb whey protein powder that can be mixed with almond milk or some type of low-fat milk, or your favorite juices, or just water. I do this daily, and of course I take a high quality multi vitamin as well on a daily basis. We must feed our body the needed vitamins and supplements that it takes  to lose weight, gain muscle, and live the healthy that we want to live.

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Women need muscle to. It is a proven fact that muscle burns fat, and after the age of 30 our body’s automatically start to lose muscle, so we have to workout and keep doing things to build muscle, and not workout 1 to 2 hours a day either. I am talking about getting the results that you want by working out less than 30 minutes, 3 times per week. That’s it!

Need workout and nutrition ideas?

Check out the older post on this blog to find other workouts, videos, tips, tricks, vitamins and supplements, and equipment needed. I even have videos of “no equipment” workouts. I know that you can spare an extra 15 to 30 minutes 3 times per week to get the body of your dreams. You may have to cut out one of your TV shows, or part of it…lol, or record it for later, or watch it while you are getting the body of your dreams. I actually do this one a lot! Watch it while I work out. But whatever you do, don’t be tricked into thinking that you have to workout 1 to 2 hours 7 days a week, because those that tell you that are feeding you full of BS, and have no clue what they are doing. Seriously, who would even want to do something so stupid and time wasteful as that anyway?

Add just a few things to your daily intake and as you can see from the picture above, and you will see tremendous gains in muscle as well as weight loss weight loss, and you will experience much needed energy and stamina. Your sex drive will also go through THE ROOF! Lol… 🙂

Everything that you see in the top picture can be purchased almost anywhere except the vitamins. The Jay Robb chocolate whey protein powder can be purchased online or at any “The Vitamin Shoppe” store. The 100% orange juice I drink in the morning with 3 tablespoons of Metamucil added to it. This give me a full feeling for most of the day keeping my hunger pains away and not allowing me to eat junk food as much. Metamucil can be purchased at Walmart. The Almond milk is only 60 calories and lactose free. Very good and healthy. I use the almond milk with my whey protein powders and can be purchased at Walmart, Price Chopper, or pretty much anywhere. The GBG Vitamins and MA+IGP protein powder can be purchased by clicking here. <<.

I take my vitamins and supplements all in the morning before starting my day and before working out in the am. I also take an additional scoop of whey protein powder blended with 8oz of almond milk and a half banana right before working out for a huge boost in energy. I use my magic bullet to blend these and then drink. Yummy!

Take care, and stay fit.