Who’s In Your Ear? Negative Voices Will Keep You Down

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Who’s In Your Ear?

Who’s in your ear? Who are you listening to? Are you allowing others (negative people) to give you advise?

So many times we allow people (negative people) to give us their advise, and most people listen to those negative opinions and never go on to do anything great because of the advise they take from others who have never done anything great, or never will.

Why do we allow negative voices to rule our minds?

In the world we live in today, there are lots of people who are more than willing to give you their advise, and it’s usually the negative people who have more opinions that others. The negative people are always giving their opinions simply because they have never done anything great and don’t want you or anyone else to either. They think that their opinion matters and they are more than willing to voice it.

Are you listening to the right people? Are you listening to the positive people who have done something great and are out in front leading by example, or are you listening to the nay-Sayers and the negative people that have never done anything great and are always trying to beat others down with their negative opinions and comments?

If you are the person that is wanting to get ahead in life and make a difference for you and your family, as well as for generations to come, then here are some ideas that will make it possible for you to reach your dreams and goals.

  • Never listen to, or take advise from someone who hasn’t done what you are wanting to do
  • Never allow negative people to be around you or your family
  • Never take financial advise from broke people
  • Refuse to allow negative thoughts or negative voices stay in your mind
  • Stay around positive people
  • Read something positive daily (self help books)
  • Listen or watch to something positive daily (Les Brown Videos)
  • Stay away from the negative type TV channels (like soap operas, and news channels)
  • Set goals for yourself
  • Write your goals down on paper, and do something each day to reach those goals
  • Be a giver, a tither
  • Take your mind of of you and place your mind on others
  • Help others get what they want

It’s possible for you to reach your dreams and goals as long as you believe it! You have something special inside of you. Remember: If someone else has done something great, then so can you. If someone else has done something like that of what you are wanting to do, then so can you.

Who's In Your Ear

Find someone who has already done what it is that you are wanting to do, and then find out how they did it and do the same thing. We are all self made, but only the successful people will ever admit that. Who’s In Your Ear?

Dreams and Goals – We Become What We Think About. It’s true, we really do become what we think about. If we are thinking about negative things all the time, then we will be negative. If we are always allowing ourselves to believe that we will never get ahead and will always be without the things we want, then we will get just that. If we believe that we are sick and will never get better, then that is what we will get. Who’s In Your Ear? What are you allowing yourself to constantly think about?

Our thoughts control us, so be careful what you allow yourself to think about. Be very careful who you hang out with, and be careful who you are listening to and taking advise from. We don’t get in life what we want, we get in life what we are. Who are you? What do you believe in? What do you want? What are you willing to do to get it?

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I believe in you my friend!

-Mike Pilcher

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