Back To Off Grid Living – No Electricity…)

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Back to off Grid Living and no electricity to our rv…

Going back to off Grid Living and running our fifth wheel camper totally off of Batterys in 20 degree nights.

A few nights back we was sitting in our rv and we started having smoking, popping and sparking coming out of the fire place. Then the back wall outlets was doing all kinds of weird things as well…

Then all of our electric devises when dark and we was back to running off of the Batterys.

After searching for the problem I discovered that there was several problems. Everything in use at the time of the electrical issue is now junk. Our big screen tv is fried, the fireplace, coffee pot, alarm clock, microwave, front roof air/heat unit, converter, the main cord that plugs into the side of rv and its receptacle.

So what happened to cause this?

Good question! Right now it is unclear as to what happened. However, our fifth wheel camper (our home) goes into the shop this coming Tuesday to find the issue and fix everything that is damaged and fried.

As you can see in the picture above you will see the black spot on the carpet from our power strip surge protectors that was absolutely fried with this whole episode.

Even though we are completely unhooked from our electric company my battery bank is doing its job. All I have to do is charge the Batterys once a day and we are good for ours upon hours, upon hours of use from this battery bank. This means running our furnace, lights, fridge, hot water heater, showering and more…all off of the Batterys and propane.

Thank goodness I upgraded to larger deep cycle Batterys and 3 instead of the one it came factory with. Back to off Grid Living isn’t all that bad…it really isn’t.

We was about to put our rv in our big shop/shed for the winter when all these things happened. I am literally in the process of adding panels to our large overhead door and framing out the larger opening for the 12’4″ to 12’11” tall rv.

I will keep you posted on what’s going on over the next few days and weeks.

Will our warranty and Camping World of Grain Valley honor this, or will our insurance and us have to take care of this?

So where will we stay while our fifth wheel camper (our home) is in the shop? We have a shop and a cabin on our property that have no electric ran to them yet, no water and no heat. Gotta love going Back to off Grid Living. Lol.

I will let you know soon. 😉

Always do your best,

-Mike Pilcher