Off Grid Living and Running Off Of Battery’s…

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Off grid living and running off of battery’s in a fifth wheel camper.

Living totally off grid definitely has advantages. Of course it also has disadvantages too.

What are the advantages to off grid living?

  • No one knows where you are unless you tell them
  • No one can track you or your every move
  • No monthly bills…like electric company’s, or water company

Some of the disadvantages to off grid living?

  • Have to find places to get water
  • Having to use generators or solar power
  • You must have additional battery’s to run longer without generators
  • Having to fill gas cans almost every day for generators…unless you have large solar systems
  • Not as convenient as having a electric company to just plug into

Off grid living isn’t for everyone, but we sure love it…most of the time. Lol. As you will see in the video below, there is additional things you must have for off grid living. Additional battery’s for power, generator, water tank for additional water. Oh, and a clothes line.  🙂

Check out this video below:

One thing is for sure. It is a cheaper, more simple way to live. As I mentioned earlier, it isn’t for everyone. We both grew up on farms, so it isn’t any big deal to us at all. Our children are all grown up and on their own, so it is just the 2 of us, which does help a great deal. Only 2 of us to use water for showers and cooking, toilet use, etc. Just the 2 of us to take up space and get in each others way…

We wanted a less hectic lifestyle and something more simple. Guess what? We have found that lifestyle! Constant upgrades to our property to clean up and add our personal touch. Landscaping, mowing, cutting brush, trimming trees and more. Next year we will plant some crops and raise some calves so that we have our own food sources instead of having to buy everything from the grocery store and not knowing where it came from. Plus, with the crops will come additional income as well.

Off grid living is the perfect life for us. We are adding solar systems to become oven more efficient, as well as building the perfect off grid home of our own personal design and liking. We can make this home as energy efficient as we desire. Living the RV lifestyle is something that everyone should try.

In the YouTube video above I share exactly “how to” wire up your own 12 volt multi battery bank. This same battery bank can have solar added to it just like I am doing to ours. Once I have the solar system for our fifth wheel camper (our home), I will do another video to share how to hook it up and wire it right into the battery bank used in the video above.

I purchased my 2 new group 27 series battery’s from our Interstate battery dealer nearby. I chose to use a cheaper brand that has a great warranty and good life to them. These battery’s are called “Power Volt” and work great. They are also $70.00 each, which is a great price for a deep cycle battery of their size. Yes, they are deep cycle and 12 volt.

By hooking these battery’s in parallel, I still have 12 volts to accommodate my 12 volt system, but I have a tremendous amount of run time due to them being all hooked in parallel and by having 3 of them, I will more than likely add a few more once I get my solar system up and running on our fifth wheel roof top.

Always do your best,

-Mike Pilcher

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