Off Grid Living Without A House – (Video)

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I wanted to share a video with you that I shot today of how we are making it with off grid living without a house.

Off Grid Living Without A House

Watch the video below that I shot earlier today to simply share some of our projects we are working on and how we are living without a house, or without being hooked up to city/rural water.

There are many different ways of off grid living without a house

Here are just a small handful:

  • Fifth wheel camper (like we are living)
  • Regular style bumper style camper
  • Popup camper
  • Cabin
  • Tiny house
  • Tent
  • Underground bunker
  • Machine shed
  • Barn

There are many more ways to live without a house, but I am just sharing how we are doing it.

We have been running totally off of generators and battery’s until about 20 days ago when our local power and light company finally got power to our property. Keep in mind that this property that we purchased has never had a house on it, nor power or water.

I went to my local Interstate battery warehouse and purchased 2 large deep cycle group 27 battery’s to hook in parallel with my existing group 24 battery. By hooking these battery’s in parallel, I still have 12 volts to accommodate my 12 volt system, but I have a tremendous amount of run time due to them being all hooked in parallel and by having 3 of them…

You can also hook the battery’s in series which will give you more volts. However, with our system that is designed for 12 volts, I decided that keeping it 12 volts would be best for our equipment, but by wiring in parallel would give us way more run time and battery power without charging.

Check out this video below of our battery bank

The video above shows how I wired up my battery’s in parallel for our 12 volt system.

I have built a completely enclosed box for these battery’s to store in and this enclosed box is totally vented outdoors which is highly recommended. Even if you was to put your battery’s inside of a rubber storage container that had a lid and a vent tube running to the outside, would be better than the battery’s just sitting out in the open…

I will share another video of the enclosed battery box and how I have vented it to the outside, as well as the materials I used and the cost of the project.

So what about living off grid and running off of battery’s and that’s it? Check out this blog post here and video.

We are in the process of trenching 4′ deep to run our water lines from the water meter back to our fifth wheel camper and our shop. We will shoot videos of this process as we do it and then post it here to my blog to share with you.

Hopefully some of our ideas can help you or someone you know who is living this way, or planning to soon. Many of these ideas we have had to learn the hard way, but you don’t have to. 🙂

Always do your best,

-Mike and Rhonda Pilcher

off grid living without a house

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