Have you or your kids gotten OBESE?

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“Have you or your kids gotten OBESE?”

Call it what you will, but statistically our youth is heavier than it’s ever been. Wouldn’t you agree? Did you know that lack of nutrition is a huge contributor to this problem?

Yes, our children are definitely eating bigger servings, and going back for seconds, and some even thirds. The truth of the matter is a lack of nutrition in the food they’re eating.

Have You Or Your Kids Gotten Obese?

One way to help combat the issues surrounding childhood or adult obesity is to get more nutrition into diets. This can be accomplished through better meals and supplementation. This can also be done by using high quality multi vitamins…and I am not talking about the cheapest thing you can find at Walmart.

Balance is key in helping our children maintain a healthy weight. Balance the calories your child eats and drinks with the calories used through physical activity and normal growth.

Have you or your kids gotten OBESE

Don’t put your child on a weight-reduction diet without talking to your health care provider. Many people say they can’t afford to buy “good food” for them and their children, but they can go out and buy pack after pack, carton after carton of cigarettes and case after case of their favorite alcohol.

The truth is; you can’t afford not to buy good foods for you and your children. Our children will do what we do, so be that good example for your children. Be that good example for all those around you. If you smoke, it’s likely that your children will smoke at sometime. If you drink a lot of alcohol, then yes, your children will more than likely do the same.

Balancing Calories: Help Kids Develop Healthy Eating Habits

  • Below are some ideas:
  • Help kids stay active

Helping your kids develop healthy eating habits start with you. We as parents MUST lead our children by being a good example. We as parents must be that example for healthy eating, fitness and everyday habits. Being a good person, even when the doors are closed and we think no one is watching us. Refrain from smoking, drinking alcohol and mistreating others. Gossiping, or talking bad about others will only lead to our children and others doing the same thing. Our children will do as we do, so make sure you are doing right in your daily walk.

Help your kids understand the benefits of being active

  • Encourage healthy eating habits
  • Make healthier dishes that are favorites
  • Reduce computer and TV time (that means you too)

Have you or your kids gotten OBESE

Have you or your kids gotten OBESE

REMEMBER: You are suppose to be that good example for your children and other family members around you, so make sure that you set the bar high and be the good example for others to follow. Someone has to step up! Someone has to be a good example for both yourself, your children and others around you. Will that someone be you?

Appropriate Body Weight is Important, as well as Maintaining It

That’s why recommendations that focus on small but permanent changes in eating may work better than a series of short-term changes that can’t be sustained. In treating most overweight children, the main emphasis should be to prevent weight gain above what’s appropriate for expected increases in height. For many children this may mean limited or no weight gain while they grow taller.

A real good formula to follow is this:

Keep your protein level higher than your carbohydrates and fats…on a daily basis. You should be taking in at least 1 gram of protein for each pound of your body weight. So, if you weigh in at 150#, then you need to be consuming a minimum of 150 grams of protein on a daily basis.

You can go to GNC.com and use the protein calculator to determine what your protein number should be for your age, weight and gender.

What about the exercise?

Start of by making it fun, and also by keeping you and your children reach your goals by using a free app like “MyFitnessPal“, or “LoseIt”. Either one of these apps are great for keeping track of your foods, drinks, exercise and more…

I prefer “MyFitnessPal” due to the better benefits and accuracy of this free app. You can sync this app with a Garmin or other types of step trackers and it will not only keep track of your steps, but also your calories and sleep as well.


By using an app like “MyFitnessPal” you will be able to stay on target and reach goals that you want to reach. You can also make a game of it and see who gets the most steps daily and create challenges and then offer rewards to the winner each week/month…etc.

Have you or your kids gotten obese

Lose weight and keep track of it with myfitnesspal by visiting this page here <<.

Another very important factor is this:

Once we reach the age of 30, we start losing muscle unless we are doing something to maintain that muscle. REMEMBER: Muscle burns fat! For every 1 pound of muscle we have, we automatically burn 100 calories. This is why I still work out 3 times per week at the age of 55. My workouts are simple, short and very effective.

I prefer the high intensity, short duration method to get the most from my workouts, but also to keep it short (15-30 minutes) and keep from getting burned out. I love resistance bands and dumbbells. This is (in my opinion) one of the most effective ways to get in shape and maintain that shape and muscle.

The old days of working out for hours and hours every day of the week are OVER! These methods are proven to be hard on your body, but way less effective than what I am doing now. Professional athletes are using the same methods I do, so it must be very effective if they are using it.

Have you or your kids gotten OBESE

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Help get your kids active and fit by doing the same for yourself. Be that example and your kids will follow you. However, you will have to be the one to get off the couch and get things started. Have you or your kids gotten OBESE? Use these ideas and proven techniques and not just read over them and then hit the delete button.

Don’t forget, there are also great fitness and workout apps that you can get and use for free that are very effective and led by professional athletes.

Childhood obesity is more common nowadays than ever before.

Forget the soda pop and start drinking filtered/purified water…and that’s it! Water will do you more good than you may think. Have you or your kids gotten obese? STOP drinking soda pop! Drink water, and a minimum of 8 glasses per day.

Have you or your kids gotten OBESE

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Here are a few great free workout apps:

  • FitStar
  • 7Min Workout

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Always do your best,

-Mike Pilcher

Have you or your kids gotten obese

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