Disappointing Family Members…)

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Often times throughout life, there will be many disappointments, as well as disappointing family members. The question is; will you hold grudges over it, or simply take the high road and let it go?

Sometimes this may be easier said than done!

Disappointing Family Members

Do you have disappointments in your life? Do you have disappointing family members? Or maybe, it’s people that you call your friends and not family members?

Maybe you have disappointments such as; some of your family members never have come to visit you, or even call you? It could be that your spouses family does more for you than your own blood family? Or Possibly, holiday disappointments, due to the fact of just not even wanting to have family times anymore?

With the busy lives we all live nowadays, job schedules and having multiple family functions to attend, some often forget what the word “real family” even means. Some even take things, or certain people for granted, which’s h will in most cases lead to hurt and broken family or friendships.

Anything mentioned above sound familiar?

We ask ourselves the questions; wihat’s the solution? How do we fix these issues? How do we restore our family times? Other qnuestions should be; are we visiting our parents occasionally, or maybe it’s more of a one sided type situation? Do I have the time to go see my parents, or is it to far, or I’m just to busy?


One of the most important things to remember is; we all have feelings. Our feelings can be hurt very easily. Sometimes no one really intends on hurting us, but it just happens. It could be such a thing as, a son or daughter spends more time with one parent more than the other, or maybe they don’t even call or come around unless they want something?

Bottom line is; there will always be someone that disappoints us. There will always be disappointing family members. Work hard to treat all family members the same and don’t take anyone or anything for granted. Life is short, so take your family and relationships very serious!

We can not control everything or everyone, but we can control our own actions and relationships. Trust in God and pray for your family and friends daily!

Take life serious and always do your best.