Kansas City Chiefs Champions Parade – Super Bowl LIV Champions…

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Today was the Kansas City Chiefs World Champions Parade. Yep, the Chiefs won the Super Bowl on Sunday!! Whoot Whoot…

This parade was crazy and cold. Morning started off in the low 20’s and then started snowing. The wind was around 8-10mph, so the wind chills were very cold. The only good thing about so many people jam packed together, is the fact that the wind wasn’t near as noticeable.

This has been 50 years in the making, and well deserved. The last time the Kansas City Chiefs went to super bowl was 1969, and they won. The Kansas City Chiefs are the Champions of Super Bowl 54 (LIV) this last Sunday 02/02/2020.

Check out the pictures below:

Kansas City Chiefs World Champions Parade

Kansas City Chiefs World Champions Parade

We showed up for this parade on busses and then had to walk close to 3 miles to get to our spot at Union Station. When it was done, we did the same thing in reverse.

The crowd was well over 1 million people, so you can imagine how jammed packed it was. Then to top that off, we stood shoulder to shoulder, back to back, belly to belly and butt to butt, with people pushing, trying to cut in ahead of everyone to get front row spots that they hadn’t earned by standing for hours and hours in the brutal cold.

Great experience, but next time I may stay home where it’s warm and crowd free and watch on our big screen tv.

Talk soon,

Mike Pilcher