Shocker Hitch Airbag Alert/Update for all Shocker bumper hitches…

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This post is a Shocker Hitch Airbag Alert/Update for all Shocker bumper hitches.

See the photos below on wrong airbag angles and correct airbag angles. Shocker was first designed on certain receiver hitch trucks and many trucks have such different design of receivers, that it can cause extreme airbag (wrong) angles that eventually could cause additional wear on the airbag.

The airbag should always sit at same height in front and rear when looking in from side view…when aired up. If not, then Shocker hitch makes a spacer for certain trucks that must be used to correct this wrong airbag angle.

This picture below is the wrong angle and is without spacer…

This post is a Shocker Hitch Airbag Alert/Update

See how bulged the airbag is in the front more than the rear? This is NOT correct and must have spacer installed.

See correct airbag angle in pictures below…

This post is a Shocker Hitch Airbag Alert/UpdateThis post is a Shocker Hitch Airbag Alert/Update

It takes less air pressure when the airbag is sitting evenly like the above picture. The hitch will work better and more efficiently…and will live way longer when this is addressed.

You can zoom in on the picture above and see the spacer I made to fix this. Shocker hitch has sent me a spacer block at no charge, but I had a long trip to leave for with heavy tongue weight trailer and wasn’t going to run this new black max 20k hd hitch without being at correct airbag angle, so I made one for this trip.

Many of the Chevys have a drop down tab under the receiver hitch which acts like the spacer shown here, but in my case, my Ram 3500 is flat on the bottom of receiver hitch and requires the spacer. All trucks are different, so before ordering your Shocker hitch, specify which truck you have so that you get the spacer included, if needed.

The Shocker airbag bumper hitch helps tremendously for making your hauls smoother. The rough roads we have are brutal just with vehicle, let alone with loads behind you, and this Shocker 20k black max airbag hitch sure makes things smoother. I ended up with about 30# of air in my hitch with a 10,000# load and around 1150# of tongue weight.

The above photo is a picture of the shocker hitch spacer block that just came in and I’ve installed it to share. This is close to 1 week after I created these post. Just thought I’d add this to show the Shocker spacer block vs mine. Notice, theirs is coated vs mine being painted.

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Hope this helps!

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-Mike Pilcher

Mike Pilcher