Firewood For Outdoor Wood Boiler

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Gathering firewood for outdoor wood boiler and dry storage to protect it from the elements of winter.

When we built our new home we decided early on that building it as self sufficient as possible was the smartest way possible. Using all low draw electric appliances so that it could be totally powered by solar power. Having back ups for everything was also a huge must with our build.

Building the ultimate and most efficient home.

The first thing was to over do each part of our home. The foundation was super important, and deep footers was a must. Using vapor barrier to keep the moisture and cold from the ground down below and not above into the floor. Then using 2″ foam board for insulation, and rebar on top of that, then running pex pipe on top of rebar for every floor inside the home for heated floors. Not just inside, but also on front porch and rear covered patio would be heated with the option to turn them up wide open if needed, using zone controls for each room, and porches and garage.

Using larger outer structure framing for not just strength, but also for maximum insulation area. Having a efficient home is important and a necessity nowadays with all the rising cost of everything.

How to get cheap firewood.

Having properties that have great deal of wooded areas makes for free firewood, because there is always trees falling down, which allows for use of this firewood for outdoor wood boiler.

Another option for cheap firewood is pictured below. If you have sawmills near you, then you can do this very same thing and get large loads of these sawmill scraps and slabs for cheap. For those that don’t want to cut firewood, or pay the extremely high prices of firewood, then this option here is for you.

firewood for outdoor wood boilerfirewood for outdoor wood boilerfirewood for outdoor wood boiler

Keeping your firewood dry and away from the harsh winter conditions is vital for the best and most efficient heat. See above how we use our lean to barn shed for firewood. I have large sliding doors from a barn tear down to hang on this shed which will keep all weather out.

Notice the first picture above I built sideboards for my trailer to allow for more room for more firewood, or whatever else I need. The sawmills will load this wood for you at no charge, and for this extremely large load was $90. This makes for months of nice wood heat cheap. We don’t have propane or any type of fuel oils on our place, nor will we. When it comes right down to it, we are actually totally self sufficient in so many ways.

What about food?

We grow large gardens and other eatable crops, chickens for eggs, butchering/meat chickens, beef and more. If you have some land and some desire, then why not do what you can to be self sufficient, and to save money?

Is there lots of work involved in living like this?

Of course there is some work involved, but what we’ve learned is, being active keeps you fit and healthy. Being fit and healthy makes for a much longer more productive life. The alternative is, bar hopping, going out to eat all the time, blowing money, sitting around watching tv, being lazy and getting fat.

Always do your best,

-Mike and Rhonda Pilcher

Mike and Rhonda Pilcher