New Timberking 2220 Sawmill/Bandmill At Pin Oaks Farm…

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New Timberking 2220 Sawmill/Bandmill At Pin Oaks Farm, so yes we are ready to start cutting logs into lumber for our wedding/event barn.

New Timberking 2220 Sawmill/Bandmill

This sawmill will be a huge help and savings for us, and not just for our wedding barn build, but also for other outdoor builds. Timberking is no doubt, the best sawmills on the market today. Dependable, tough, precise cuts, and customer support is over the top!!

Timberking Sawmills

Need some logs cut into lumber? Give me a call, and come by to see us about your build project, and how we can help save you money. Maybe you are looking to get your own Timberking Sawmill? If so, call me and I will put you in touch with the right people.

Always do your best,

-Mike Pilcher

P.S. Videos of this machine running at our farm are coming soon, once some warmer weather comes in. 0 and below temps right now are a little bit to cold to do much outside…lol.

Meanwhile, you can check out this YouTube video <~~ inside our shop with this mill all set up. Our YouTube channel is a place we wil be continuing to add videos of our sawmill, lumber, projects and more