TimberKing 2220 Sawmill Services – Live Edge Lumber Cutting

Timberking Sawmills

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Pin Oaks Farm is offering TimberKing 2220 Sawmill Services, and Live Edge Lumber cutting. With our sawmill being portable, it allows us to cut anywhere we want. So instead of bringing the timber to the Sawmill, we can take the sawmill to the timber.

TimberKing 2220 Sawmill Services

Our TimberKing 2220 Sawmill is fully hydraulic and powered by a 49hp Kubota diesel engine. This mill also has the advanced setworks computer, which allows us to set our cuts and get the same cut each time. With the ability to cut up to 25’ in length and up to 39-1/2” diameter logs, it allows for large amounts of lumber quickly.

TimberKing 2220 Sawmill Services

Live Edge Lumber

TimberKing 2220 Sawmill Services

No doubt there are lots of sawmills on the market today, but you will be hard pressed to find a sawmill that will do what the TimberKing 2220 will do.

Of course, you can find cheaper, you can find one right away, and not have to wait 10-15 months like you will with TimberKing, but remember, you get what you pay for!! And trust me, the TimberKing is well worth the wait!!

With so many different TimberKing models to choose from, and so many different price ranges, you can find one that fits what you are wanting, and one that fits your budget. I know people who bought the dirt cheap ones, and they regret that purchase.

Think of it like this, if you do have to wait 10-15 months for a TimberKing, then that gives you ample time to save your Benjamin’s, and get the best!!

Book your spot today for a free demo of this 2220 sawmill and see for yourself it’s literally one of the best mills you’ve ever seen.

Want hands on training? Come see me and I will give you that training. I am a qualified trainer for TimberKing, and I’ve ran them all.

Always do your best!

-Mike Pilcher

Mike Pilcher

MPE LLC – Pin Oaks Farm