5 Simple Steps For Building Endurance

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5 Simple Steps For Building Endurance

Below is 5 simple steps for building endurance that you may have not even thought about. Yes, these are simple and very effective steps for building endurance and getting back in shape.

Step 1: Always make sure that you do more than you did the last time you exercised. Even if it’s just a minute or two, or a set or two, just do more than the last time.

Step 2: Increasing your heart rate will do more for you than anything else you can do. Exercising increases heart rate. Running as well as walking will increase your heart rate. However, slow walking won’t do much for you, so make sure you speed up your walking so that you can speed up your heart rate and do your body good.

Step 3: Try walking and or running on uneven ground. If you have some hills close by, then change up your regular walking or running habits and try walking and or running some hills. It may be rather hard the first time or two, but that is what it takes to shock your body and make a big difference. This will really make a huge difference in your legs and make them much stronger.

Step 4: Stretch good! You will get more out of your exercising, running, and even walking if you stretch good first. It only takes a few minutes to stretch good if you just take the time to do it.

Step 5: Stop drinking pop, or any carbonated drinks! Carbonated drinks will decrease your ability to get maximum muscle growth and will also effect your breathing. The carbonation will make your feel bloated and very lazy. Drink filtered water instead and you will be amazed with the difference this step alone makes.

Start implementing these 5 simple steps for building endurance and you will notice more muscle growth and way more endurance than you’ve had before.

5 simple steps for building endurance

Do whatever it takes to get yourself in better shape. You might have to go through some pain to reach your goals, but I am telling you it is worth whatever you have to do to reach your dreams and goals. No Pain…No Gain!

Here is an awesome video on dreams and goals.

Do it!

-Mike Pilcher