Rising Fuel Prices – Let’s Go Brandon…

Iron Sharpens Iron

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Isn’t it nice to have these rising fuel prices? Of course we have to thank Joe “the fake” Biden for this, and all of the inflation for that matter. And why?

Now to hear Joe blow Biden try and fake his way through his speeches and tell the world how our economy is the best it’s ever been with any president, is nothing more than more lies. At least the other presidents were legitimate ones.

Is there any real reason for these ridiculously high fuel prices? Maybe it’s money and control? Or maybe it’s just Biden being stupid and shutting down pipelines? Maybe it’s his way to try and really push the solar powered cars?

What’s the negative to all of his malicious and evil ways? Everything he is doing is hurting the economy. High fuel prices are driving the price of everything else up, like grocery’s, other foods, and anything that has to be hauled down the road. Here’s what most people miss, the ones who don’t have common sense don’t get that high fuel prices drives up the shipping cost of everything. High fuel prices takes more of their hard earned dollars from their pockets, drives up credit card debt and hurts everyone.

So unless your income is going up with all of the inflated prices, then you are going backwards. You may not notice it so much right now, but trust me, in time you will. Biden isn’t done yet, and as long as he is still in office and allowed to keep lying, cheating and getting by with his bs, then things will keep going up in price, and you will keep getting further behind. Your credit card debt will start climbing and then comes the real problems.

Does any of this make sense? Or maybe you are still living under a rock and cannot see the writing on the wall.

Faith will carry you through this.

These rising fuel prices are affecting my hauling business a great deal. Most people just don’t understand why I’ve had to raise my prices so much from when we had a real President, named Donald Trump. I remember paying $1.78 per gallon for diesel fuel and not more than $2 bucks. But now, it’s $4.35 around where I live here in Missouri, and much more in many places. California is like $6 something and on the rise just as it is here.

What can we do about it?

For one, fight for our rights and find ways to all stand together and get Biden and his staff out of office. The world is full of liars and cheats, but we sure don’t have room for them inside the White House, and in charge of the world.

rising fuel prices

Just understand this; if you are planning to ship something, please understand it’s going to be higher than it’s been before. With rising fuel prices and all other inflated prices, you will have to pay more than you ever have before. The main thing is to keep faith, and believe the end of all these ridiculously high inflated prices are coming to and end.

Don’t be the one that is always looking for the cheapest possible prices. Remember quality comes first! Quality and experience always override’s cheap!! The old saying is; “You Get What You Pay For”

Faith will carry us through these tough times!!

Talk soon,

-Mike P.

Mike P.