Semi Drivers Are Out Of Control – No Integrity and NO Respect For The Law

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Everything nowadays is so different and semi drivers are out of control. They have bo integrity and no respect for the law.

Although the semi drivers are the worst, there is plenty of others that are just as out of control. Not many people have integrity or respect for the speed limits or law enforcement.

I was driving back from Oregon this last week in the ice, going through the Wyoming mountains and even through the digital speed limits said 35mph and overhead digital signs said black ice, slow down and use caution, the semis was still running at least twice the posted speed limits.

On down the road, there they was off the road, and some blocking the roads because of they’re lack of respect for the speed limits and laws. Not all semi drivers are bad, but nowadays we are so desperate to find drivers they just stick anyone in these big rigs, and as a result, they are allowing non experienced people to run these 80,000# big rigs un-safely down the roads putting everyone else at risk.

It’s not just the big rigs, it’s many many others as well. People are now making a poor habit of coming up behind others in the passing lanes and flashing their lights to try and get people to move out of their way so they don’t have to slow down. These idiots are running 15, 20mph over the speed limits and not even slowing down when they see cops in the median. Lack of respect and no integrity whatsoever!!

Why are people so out of control, and so disrespectful?

What makes people so disrespectful? Why do people think they have to drive so out of control fast? Why don’t people give respect to our law enforcement? What has happened to being respectful and having integrity?

Driving so fast, jumping 2 to 3 lanes at a time, no signals and on their cell phones texting or talking with it to their ears and flying around. Passing people well over speed limits and they cutting off people to immediately jump off on the exit.

When will the law start sitting in the construction zones and start stopping these idiots that will NOT slow down? Why not start stopping these fools and jerking their license away from them? Why not making these fines stick and setting some new examples for these out of control fools?

Even though the semi drivers are out of control, so is most of the others out there as well. Almost everyone I see driving is people on their stupid phones. Many driving with their legs and texting with both hands. Their newer cars have hands free but they don’t use it. Instead they put others (innocent people/family’s) at risk because of their unwillingness to abide by the law.

I’m not perfect, but at least I follow the laws and speed limits. People (idiots) get pissed at people like me that are running the speed limits because to them we are going to slow. I’m just trying to be a good example like real people with integrity do. Who will get pissed off when reading this post? The guilty ones!!

Iron Sharpens Iron

Have faith, believe that when you continue to do the right thing, then great things will come to you!!

Ideas for more control of the out of control drivers out there.

Why not implementing overhead signs to have cameras and radar devises and mail tickets to people, and then enforce it and not let them off? Why not allowing those that actually do follow the laws and speed limits (like myself) to have onboard camera and radars to capture these idiots and mail the footage in and allow the law to take over?

I think it’s about time to start slowing people down and stop the cell phone usage while driving…and no exceptions!! Everything got worse during and after Covid. It was months and months of no cops anywhere while Covid was so hot and no one to enforce the speeds, so those with no respect or integrity just ran as fast as they wanted, and still do.

Who would even want to be in law enforcement nowadays with all the idiots in our society? Biden and all his idiots have defunded the police, so they don’t make near enough to go out and deal with the foolish and crazy’s out there. Seriously, you pull someone over for a routine stop and they might shoot you.

What is the difference between someone who obeys the law and speed limits, and the ones that don’t?

The small hand fulls of folks that obey the law and speed limits are the ones trying to do what they know is right, the ones that are trying to set good examples and the ones that have integrity. The opposite of these folks are the ones that have no respect for anyone, and not integrity whatsoever!! Yeah, the ones that run 15 to 20mph or more over speed limits. The ones that will not slow down in construction zones, the ones that flash their lights at you trying to get you to move, the ones that tailgate you trying to intimidate you to go faster. Yep, these are the disrespectful idiots that have no idea what integrity is, and no idea that their behavior and days are numbered.

It’s such a shame to have to deal with such fools, but as long as we (the ones with integrity) keep being good examples and doing what is right, putting all your faith in God, then He will fight your battles for you and you will be rewarded in ways you’ve never thought possible.

So before you get pissed off after reading this post, look in the mirror and be honest with yourself, and decide if you are part of the problem, or working to be part of the solution. And really, the only ones that would be offended by this post, are the ones that are disrespectful, lack of integrity types.

Do what is right, no matter what the idiots keep doing. Be better, do what’s right and be a person of high integrity!!

Always do your best,