Speak To Your Mountains…

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When your obstacles or mountains seem to big for you to handle, trying a different approach, and speak to your mountains.

So what exactly does this mean?

Life is full of challenges, and often times the challenges seem way larger than we might think we can handle. Here’s to great thing, your not doing life on your own, you have a more powerful force that is greater than any challenge, or mountain you may be facing. You see, God created the universe and the forces that are for you are greater than anything that try’s to come against you.

Ask for help!

If you haven’t already, then accept Jesus in to your heart and all your sins will be washed away. This doesn’t mean all your problems will go away, but it does mean that if you will start showing God that you will turn ALL of your cares and troubles over to Him, then He can go to work on your behalf.

The key is to don’t have the negative mindset, or speak negative words anymore. None of us are perfect, and God isn’t looking for perfect people. He is looking for believers! He is looking for people who will trust him and his perfect timing for things to turn around. God is looking for faith filled people who be keep believing and keep praying even when they aren’t seeing things turn around on their time table.

Go to the scripture and remind God of what He said, and remind Him of His promises in the scriptures. Use your faith to change your situation, and make sure you are speaking words of faith, and not words of unbelief, or negativity, or words of doubt.

Jesus died on the cross for us, and then He arose on the third day. His blood was shed to wash away our sins, and all we have to do is accept His as our Lord and Savior! Here’s what is so awesome about accepting Jesus into your heart. Not only you now know where you will spend eternity, but after accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior, now your sins are washed away. It’s a free gift that is available to anyone that ask for it. The price has already been paid for all our sins!

If things aren’t working out the way you’ve planned or hoped, then maybe it’s time for a change? Why not ask God to help you, no matter what you might be facing? There is no obstacle, no mountain or challenge to big for our God. Think about it, God created earth and everything, He flung stars into space, He owns it all. The only things that God needs to see from you, is your faith in Him, and your unwavering trust and belief that He can turn any situation around.

Will you stand on it? In other words, will you trust God to help you and instead of talking about how big your mountains or problems are, start talking to your mountains and problems about how big your God is! Stand on the promises and believe there is nothing to big for our God. Rise above the problems instead of allowing the problems or mountains to rise above you.

speak to your mountains

I finally figured out what really got Gods attention, and that was Faith and Trust in Him! For me and my life, there has been times so dark, and I couldn’t see any way out. But I did what I’m asking you to do, and stand on the promises and allow God to turn my situations around. I turned everything over to Him and it all changed for the better. Now, it didn’t happen overnight, but over time everything started changing for the better. I used my faith and my words to change everything. This is what allowed God to go to work on my life. My faith became unshakable, and my words was faith filled positive. I flushed all the negative beaten down words of doubt and lack of, out of my life and started thinking about what I was going to say before I allowed the words to come off of my tongue. Words are powerful, and how we use them controls the direction of our lives.

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, our words are exactly like the rudder of a ship or boat, the rudder sets the direction in which the ship or boat travels. So, what words are you speaking? Are your words negative and lack of type words? Or maybe poor me and this is just my lot in life, type words? Or maybe your saying things like, bad things always happens to me?

Flush these words and start speaking words of victory, even if you don’t have victory yet. Try this approach…(everything I touch prospers and does well. Or, I am a child of the most high God and no weapon formed against me will prosper. Or, I am an over comer, I am victorious, I am above only and not beneath, or I will overcome this challenge, because God, you said there is nothing to big for you. God, I know you are looking for believers and for people who will stand on your words and your promises and trust you with everything, so God, I am that person. And Lord, even if I don’t see things turn around the way I want, or on my timetable, I will still believe that you have the best plan for my life and that you will make my crooked places straight.

I’m asking you today to speak to your mountains, or problems and allow your Heavenly Father to do His work in and through you. Get rid of the doubt and start using your faith to turn your situations around. Show God your faith and stand on His word and His promises. Remind God what He said and promised! Always use your faith and your words to change your situations!

It says in the scripture, it only takes a faith the size of a mustard seed. Let God be your vindicator and knock down the walls that’s holding you back.

May God Bless you, and help you to become all He created you to be.