Lose Weight and Keep Track Of It With MyFitnessPal

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Lose Weight and keep track of it using MyFitnessPal for free. Below you will see screen shots of my own free “MyFitnessPal” and Garmin Connect. This free app is something that I have mentioned before and cannot emphasize how vital this free app is to your success of losing weight and keeping it off. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, then use these free tools mentioned in this blog post and in other post on this blog site.



This is just some of the stats that MyFitnessPal and Garmin Connect will give you. It also gives you running, cycling, and more if you choose to use them. The great thing about this free app is it allows you to keep track of the food you eat, the snacks, the exercise you do, your sleep patterns, the amounts of water you drink, and really anything else you do, or can think of doing.

Why Keep Track Of Your Food and Exercise?

By keeping track of the food you eat, the snacks, your drinks, supplements, etc, along with this exercise you do on a daily basis, will allow you to see exactly where you are during the day so that you can stay on track with your dieting, etc. This will allow you to lose weight and keep it off as long as you are honest with this app and enter everything that you eat into it on a daily basis. Keep track of all your walking, and other exercises as well.

Here is how it works.

Download the free apps. MyFitnessPal and then Garmin Connect. My wife and I are also using Garmin VivoFit watch that we wear everywhere we go, and during the night while sleeping as well. I got our Garmin VivoFit’s online through a sale ad for $50 each using Groupon. These watches sync to the “MyFitnessPal” app as well as the “Garmin Connect” free app. These Garmin VivoFit watches/fitness bands keeps track of your steps throughout the day, as well as keeps track of your sleeping patterns and then when you hit sync at the end of the day you will be able to read and look at your stats like the screenshots above from mine for today so far.


You can also go to eBay.com or Amazon.com to get the Garmin VivoFit for much cheaper than buying in some Garmin store somewhere. The one we have is the Garmin VivoFit 1. I got my daughter a Garmin VivoFit here << for $47.95 and free shipping in her favorite color (purple).

This may sound complicated to you, but trust me it is simple and easy to set up for anyone. Trust me, once you have it set up, you will LOVE IT! The best thing is; it will keep you on track with your weight loss and fitness goals. For me, when I see that I am over my “food goals” for the day, then I will get up and do something as far as exercise, or walking, or something to fix that problem. These free tools will keep you on track and on or under your weight goals. Without these tools, it will be very hard for anyone to stay on course.

Here is what you need to do right now:

  1. Go to your phone app store and download the free “MyFitnessPal” app.
  2. Go back to your phone app store and download the free “Garmin Connect” app.
  3. Go to MyFitnessPal.com and set up a free account so you can also view it on your tablet, iPad, and or computer as well.
  4. Go to GarminConnect.com and set up a free account just like you did with MyFitnessPal.com so you can view on your other devices as well as your computer. Some people like seeing these stats, charts, etc, on larger devises such as, computers, etc. I sure do.
  5. Take the time to set these all up, get your profile all set up, upload your picture, etc. This will take a little time, but it is sooooo worth the time it takes to do it. The best part is; you ONLY have to do it once!
  6. Remember to make this FUN!


To lose weight and get fit, you will have to be committed and disciplined. These free apps and tools will keep you on track so that you can reach your weight loss goals so much faster and easier.

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Want some simple, effective, and yummy recipes to help you lose weight fast? Leave me comments below and let me know.


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