Losing At Least 5# Per Week On Your Diet?

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Losing At Least 5# Per Week On Your Diet?

If you are not Losing At Least 5# Per Week On Your Diet, then you need to either get on another diet, or get focused and stop cheating!

For years you’ve probably heard how losing weight to fast will make the weight come back after you’ve lost it, and for this reason people have listened to this garbage and are using old techniques and diet plans that get little to NO results.

Come on, who wants to be on diets for 2, 3, or even 6 months because the “so called” pros say that you have to lose the weight slow or it will come back. So let me ask you this: Hows it working out for you? More than likely you’ve been on diets before and maybe lost some weight, but it came back didn’t it? Sure it did, or you wouldn’t be back on the diet again…lol.

Not all diets work!

Why Should You Be Losing At Least 5# Per Week On Your Diet?

  • To keep from getting burned out with your diet
  • To see real weight loss on weigh in days
  • Reach your goals faster

REMEMBER this one important thing! If the people that are giving you weight loss information have not actually done it themselves, then don’t listen to them. If they are giving you “their opinions” but haven’t actually used their ideas, or tricks, then don’t listen to them. If they give you a weigh loss plan, but they are fat and out of shape, then don’t freakin listen to them!

Instead, listen to the ones that have actually used weight loss plans and had success with them. Listen to the ones that have used weight loss plans and also kept the weight OFF!

losing at least 5# per week on your diet

How Do You Know What Works and What Don’t?

  • If you’re not losing at least 5# per week on your diet?, then it’s not really working the best.
  • If your diet is going to take you over 30 days to lose at least 20#, then you are on the wrong diet.
  • If your diet has you eating salads all the time, then it’s the wrong diet.
  • If your diet is starving you, then it is the wrong diet.
  • If your diet isn’t allowing you to reward yourself occasionally, then it’s the wrong diet.

This could go on and on, but I think you are getting the point here? Common sense tells us that we have to results with our diets and we have to see real weight loss weekly, or we will give up and quit and go back to our regular old habits.

Here is a very important fact for losing at least 5# per week on your diet: You MUST be doing something to build some muscle and maintain the muscle that you already have, or you WILL always STRUGGLE your butt off to keep the weight off. You will ALWAYS have a great deal of belly fat and be forced to either deal with it or be dieting on a regular basis.

Muscle BURNS Fat!

This is a fact the most everyone has heard but maybe never believed, or don’t understand. For every 1# of muscle you have, it burns off 100 calories per day. Once we reach the age 30 we start losing muscle, and then once we hit age 40, our muscle really starts going away…UNLESS we are doing something to build muscle and maintain it on a regular basis.

losing at least 5# per week on your diet

This is why our youth nowadays have so much belly fat and struggle with their weight too. It’s our fault! Yes, we aren’t setting good examples and exercising on a regular basis and teaching them (our children) how to do the same thing. Our youth don’t stand a chance of every being in great shape if we are doing something to set that example for them. Yes, it all starts with us! As parents or even grandparents, we MUST set the best example that we can possibly set so that our youth has something to model after.

Where there is no muscle, there will ALWAYS be fat!

How’s Your Protein Levels?

Are you keeping your DAILY protein level higher than your carbohydrates and fats? If not, then this needs to change right now if you truly want to lose weight and keep it off. By doing this along with weekly exercise, you will lose the weight you want to lose and be able to finally KEEP IT OFF! Proteins are very IMPORTANT!

Have you ever checked your protein level and what your daily protein number should be? If not, then go here <<now and check it for free. At GNC you can check your daily protein number for free and know exactly how much protein you should be consuming on a daily basis.

losing at least 5# per week on your diet

What Proteins Should You Use?

  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Salmon
  • Other poultry’s
  • Seafood (like shrimp, etc)
  • Lean Pork
  • Jay Robb Whey Protein Powder
  • Greek Yogurt

Of course there are many more proteins that you can use, but this is some of the top ones to use. Using Whey Protein like the Jay Robb whey protein is one of the best things that you can possible use to supplement your daily diet and help boost your protein levels. If you aren’t currently using some type of quality whey protein, then you have no clue about health and nutrition and should start using a high quality whey protein right away. This is one of the FIRST things that doctors put their patients on once they have seen cancer or other deficiency’s in someones body.

Don’t believe this? Check it out for yourself! Where do cancers and other diseases come from in the first place? They come from a “lack of something” in a persons body. Lack of high quality protein, lack of a high quality multi vitamin, lack of a proper diet and weekly exercise.

How Often Should I Work Out (Exercise)?

Working out every day is pure BS! The old school ways are working out daily, but the NEW school and the smart way of working out is 3 times weekly and 15-30 minutes per workout. This is called high intensity low duration workouts. Even the body builders and TOP athletes are doing this, so there must be something to it…lol. Your body MUST have adequate rest and working out everyday is not enough rest which actually does a great deal of harm to your muscles and joints, and will make you pay the price later on.

The old days and old methods are behind us, so we have to adapt to the new, better, smarter ways of working out and taking care of our body’s. Working out 1 hour per day, or 2 hours per day is just plain stupid. The ones that do this are hurting their body’s and obviously don’t understand the proper way to workout and get real results.

losing at least 5# per week on your diet

Would you like to see what I used to lose 12.5# of belly fat in just 3 weeks, and how I’ve kept it off ever since (for 4 months now)? I am including a current picture below not to brag, but to show you that what I use works and continues to work! REMEMBER: Muscle burns Fat, so there is way more to losing weight than just dieting. You MUST exercise (do something) to help keep the fat off, or you will always be struggling with your weight and always on diets.

Here Is The SECRET For REAL Fat Loss Right Here <<

Losing at least 5# per week on your diet, if not more isn’t that hard, if you’re using the right diet. I should say; if you’re using the 3 week diet you will see these types of weight loss and not have to be on a boring diet for months and months to see little to no weight loss.

Need more PROOF? Watch this Video << NOW! And get your free weight loss PDF eBook.

Does Filtered Drinking Water Helps Fat Loss?

One more HUGE BENEFIT of successful fat loss is the amount of water you drink per day. Not just water, but high quality filtered water! Losing at least 5# per week on your diet all depends on the water you drink as well as your diet. Some refuse to believe this, but 9 times out of 10 they are the ones that are really struggling with their weight.

How Much Water Should You Drink Per Day?

Drinking at least 10-12 glasses of pure filtered water each day will have a huge part in your fat loss and your diet. I see people drink water right out of the tap and it makes my skin crawl. You have no ideas what is in that water, or how the water treatment plant is taking care of that water. We already know that our tap water has fluoride in it, and who knows what else.

Why take the chance when you can solve the problem with a good quality water filter that usually last up to one full year before it needs replaced. Many people say they can’t afford the filters, but let me ask you this; can you afford trips to the doctor, or can you afford getting sick, or getting cancers and other diseases that could be coming from that tap water, and then be off work and missing those paychecks?

We have one body and it is our job to take care of that body that God gave us.

Would You Do This?

  • Would you drink water from a pond?
  • Would you drink water from a creek?
  • Would you drink water from your local lake?
  • Would you drink water from a mud hole in your driveway?

Of course you wouldn’t drink water from ponds, or creeks, lakes, or from mud holes in your driveway, but you will drink water from your tap. Seriously, why would someone do that? Do you want to live a much longer, healthier life…or not? It is about time that we accept the facts and realize that we are relying on others to make sure that water coming from our taps is clean and pure enough to drink, and pure enough to cook with.

STOP relying on others to decide your future. Your health is your future and without it you have nothing, so take ownership of your life and make the decision right now to get a good quality water filter on your water to drink from and to use for cooking as well. REMEMBER: this is the same water that we are putting in our body and it needs to be clean, pure and free from all the crap that IS in our tap water.

What Kind Of Water Filters Should You Use?

  • Inline water filters are fine, but not always the best.
  • Use GOOD quality water filters on your refrigerator too. (It makes ice and water that we still drink)
  • Use a HIGH QUALITY water filter system that goes under your counter top and has it’s own tap coming off to one side of your regular tap. (this is perfect for drinking from and using to cook with) RECOMMENDED!

Below is a picture of the Recommended water system and types to use in your home. Yes, they are a little pricey, but so is doctor visits and other problems that can arise from bad water in your body.

losing at least 5# per week on your diet losing at least 5# per week on your diet losing at least 5# per week on your diet

This unit is exactly what we have and it mounts under the kitchen sink in the cabinet out of sight. This unit takes up very little room and has lights on it (monitoring system) that tells you when your protection nears the end and it’s time to replace the one year filter. These are very high quality carbon filters that are guaranteed to catch 99.9% of everything that comes through that should be filtered out for our safety. Think about it…99.9% protection. That is incredible!

We love it for the protection and for good quality drinking water, but also for cooking. It has a TALL spout that you can easily get tall pans under for filling with filtered water for cooking pastas, etc. This particular water filtration system will cost you anywhere from $500 to $1,100 depending on where you get it, but remember, without it you are potentially drinking pond water, or from creeks, or other poison water sources. Protect yourself and your family from drinking poisons and contaminated water that you have no idea where it’s coming from!

Here is where you can find this eSpring water filtration system and others as well for a much cheaper price.

  1. eBay
  2. Amazon

You can purchase these from other places too, but expect to pay full retail price of $1,000 plus for the same NEW warrantied product that you can get from eBay or Amazon. Losing at least 5# per week on your diet does have a great deal to do with the water you drink, or don’t drink each and every day. I usually consume close to 1 gallon of filtered water per day and more when it gets hot outside and I’m outdoors a lot. Stay AWAY form bottled waters as much as possible, especially the real CHEAP ones!

Losing at least 5# per week on your diet should be your main goal and maybe it’s more than that? Either way, it’s your goal, but make sure you are at least losing that, or you may be on the wrong diet.

Stay fit and healthy,

-Mike Pilcher

losing at least 5# per week on your diet