30 Minute Workout That Delivers Results…(Even Over 50)

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30 minute workout that delivers results…even over 50. Why do I say even over 50? So many people think that once they reach the age of 40, and especially 50, they are to old to workout, or get in excellent shape. Who says there is an age limit?

I am going to share my very simple, but very effective workout below here with you that I used this morning, and that I have used for the last several months to get in better shape. Using the 3 week diet I lost 12# of stubborn belly fat and continue to shave more off and turn that belly into rock hard muscle. Inside the 3 week diet that my wife Rhonda and I used to get rid of unwanted weight is a great workout schedule that can be used, or not. Of course, the 3 week diet with the workout schedule will deliver better results. Common sense tells us that if we not just diet, but also workout, we will always get the best results.

Ready for a simple 30 minute workout?

  1. Stretch and get lose for 5-10 minutes (this is not part of your 30 min timed workout). Use light resistance bands for #1 thru #4!
  2. Grab your resistance bands and start doing bicep curls as fast as you can for 20 reps. (This is performed by standing on the resistance bands while pushing upwards, or pulling upwards with the handles to perform the exercises).
  3. Do 20 reps fast of triceps extensions. (This is performed by standing on the resistance bands, and pushing upwards, keeping your elbows in close, and doing triceps extensions).
  4. Do 20 reps fast of push up extensions in the stand up position from chest to over your head with your resistance bands. Doing the above fast for 20 reps each will really get you warmed up and lose. Use a light weight band for these exercises. (This is performed by standing on the resistance bands and pushing upwards from about the chest area to over your head and then do again…like a chest press).
  5. Now grab your chairs ( 2 chairs) to do rear bench dips off of and do 20 reps (or as many as you can) of rear bench dips fast to warm up your triceps. (This is performed by using one chair to put your hands on with the chair behind you, and the other chair in front of you to place your feet on and then do a rear sit up type exercise…dipping downward toward the floor). [See Pictures Below for these exercises].
  6. Using a door block for your resistance bands, perform 10-15 reps of triceps extensions with your resistance bands. (This is a block of wood with a strap that goes inside of the hinged side of the door, then close the door for performing these exercises).
  7. Using the same door block, perform Chest press using your resistance bands (10-15 reps).
  8. Now go to your doorway pull up bar and do 10-15 leg up to waist pull ups. This is in the hanging position and ONLY pull your legs up to your waist. This exercise works the abs upper and lower region.
  9. Without must rest, get a quick drink of water and do 10-15 push ups on the floor.
  10. Now start the above workout all over again and increase the bands so that the exercise will be harder. (Use heavier bands, or double them up like I do).
  11. Do each of the above workouts without as little rest in between as possible. This will also give you a very good cardio workout.
  12. Each round of these workouts should be with more bands added so that you cannot do over 12 reps on each exercise. Do increased resistance (more weight/resistance) and lower reps…(8-12).
  13. Perform the above workout for at least 3 rounds, and possibly 4 if you can. Try to stay inside of the 30 minute workout window.
  14. In the beginning this will more than likely be somewhat difficult for you, but trust me, it gets easier the second week. Do this 30 minute workout 3 times per week and that is it.


https://i0.wp.com/s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/3c/26/b4/3c26b48572eaa35c87600fdf32dff160.jpg?resize=700%2C1049&ssl=1I will be adding a video of this 30 minute workout here very soon. It is a little difficult for me to do these exercises and video them all at the same time, but I will get it done for you. 🙂  Meantime, Click Here << for more resistance bands workout charts to see how to perform the above exercises using resistance bands, encase you don’t know.

Now it is time for your protein shake! Not mandatory, but highly recommended! Below is a video of how to mix your after workout protein shake, and the kind of protein, almond milk, supplements, and vitamins that I use.

I also use bananas in my protein shakes. You may not realize how many benefits that bananas have, but there is a chart below that will show you just some of the benefits of bananas. I absolutely love the “quick energy” that bananas give me with my protein shake. Protein is very much needed in our body’s. Our body’s cannot make enough on their own, so we have to add extra protein to get that better balance. I have also learned, that if we keep our protein levels higher than our carbs and fat on a daily basis, then it is much easier to keep the unwanted fat from storing itself in our body’s and making us gain weight.

Why Should We Eat Bananas?

Use these ideas and workouts above to improve your life, your health, and your body. We all have limited time due to other activity’s, children, work, etc, however, I truly believe that you can find an extra 30 minutes 3 times weekly to workout and take better care of yourself. Remember: building muscle is VITAL to you and keeping yourself in shape and burning off unwanted fat…for life. I am not talking about being a muscle bound body builder either, but I am talking about doing some simple, needed maintaining workouts 3 times per week to keep you from gaining extra weight. Keeping you healthier, and helping you live a longer and happier life. Face it; we all feel better about ourselves when we look in the mirror at ourselves and see the person we have dreamed of being. I use to hate what I seen when I looked in the mirror, especially when I turned sideways. 🙂

This is one of the best 30 minute workouts that I have used, and yes, it is simple once you get in the habit. Notice, I did not say easy? I said simple! This 30 minute workout will chisel your body into shape quicker than anything else I have found. I also use dumbbells now in between the resistance bands. I have found out by mixing in the dumbbells along with the resistance bands that the gains are much faster as far as muscle gain and fat burn.

Enjoy the workout!

-Mike Pilcher