Whey Protein Advantages – How to mix your after workout protein shake (video)…

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Whey Protein and the advantages they have are huge. Give yourself a fighting chance and use a good quality why protein and you will not believe the difference it will make for you.

I wanted to share this short video with you on how I mix my after workout whey protein shake. You can mix yours the same, or use the recipes on the back of this package.

I am recommending these whey proteins … like (MA+IGP Whey Protein) and (Jay Robb Whey Protein) because they are literally the very best that I have found for maintaining a lean muscular body and helping you lose fat and stay lean and healthy.

I just finished a workout and am proud to say I’ve lost more unwanted body fat. 🙂 …I still have a ways to go to reach my goals, but I am getting closer each day!

At 54 years of age it is very important to me stay healthy and fit. I look all around me at the obesity and a very overweight society, and I refuse to do that to my body any longer. Does it take some extra time to workout and eat better? Yes it does! But, so does going to the doctor due to sickness and diseases due to poor eating habits and lack of exercise and vitamins and supplements…not to mention the cost that comes from doctor visits.

Whey Proteins Advantages and Benefits – Like MA+IGP.

You may not have heard of MA+IGP Whey Protein or even the Jay Robb whey protein powder. I have tried a lot of different whey proteins and for me I have found that these are the best tasting and by far the most beneficial. My goal at age 54 is to reduce my body fat and build more lean muscle which will help me to stay lean for years and years to come. I can lose weight just like you can, however, if I am not doing something to build muscle and help feed and maintain that muscle, then I will start storing fat again, and before I know it the unwanted weight will start coming back. Whey Protein helps in building and feeding your muscles, and your muscles is what helps burn calories and fat…even while you sleep.

Here Is A List Of The Vitamins and Supplements That I Use:

The list above is simply a recommended list of what I have found to work the best for me. I have been using these for a long time and have had incredible success using these supplements.

Can you still get sick even if you use whey protein, eat healthy and exercising regularly?

Of course you can. But, the chances are close to 95% less than not eating healthy and exercising regularly. Just by taking a good all in one multi vitamin and whey protein on a daily basis, this alone will help you more than you can imagine for energy, building muscle, losing weight, and building that lean muscular body that you have been dreaming about. The MA+IGP Whey Protein has Glutathione in it which the body needs to help fight off cancer and other diseases. This supplement has been proven over and over again to help people get a clean bill of health after they have taken it, and these are people who had been diagnosed with cancers and other incurable diseases. Now, am I saying it cures anything? No I am not! I am just telling you what it has done for those who have been using this product. This is a state of the art product that will give you a fighting chance at a much better, healthier, and more rewarding life.

Common sense tells us that eating healthier and regular exercise will make us live better and longer, and much happier. Study’s over the years have proven this time and time again. My goal is to be the best that I can be for myself and be the best example I can be for my family and close friends.

Click Here << for a great step by step resistance bands workout that you can do right in your own home/living room while watching TV. Let’s face the facts, no one has the time, money, or even wants to go to a gym. So I have proven that you DO NOT need a expensive gym membership or fancy equipment. Nope, I do it ALL from my own home while watching TV, or listening to my free app Pandora on my iPhone6 plus…which is my favorite music. I use resistance bands and my bowflex, and I also do some dumbbell exercises. Plus, I use a free app that former Kansas City Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez created called “Fit Star” and my wife and I do this short, intense workout together following our guide and coach…Tony Gonzalez as he walks us through each workout in person, step by step.


Take the time to eat better and exercise on a regular basis, and watch for results in the mirror as well as on the bathroom scales. You will notice a huge difference in your energy and your stamina.

Take care,

-Mike Pilcher